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Bunch Lengthening System Cryostat for Advanced Photon Source Upgrade

The Contract Award In September of 2017, the Applied Vacuum Division of Anderson Dahlen was awarded a design-to-specification contract for the Bunch Lengthening System (BLS) Cryostat vacuum vessel, lid, gate valve enclosures, 80K thermal radiation shield, magnetic shielding, and 4K liquid helium reservoir. The completed assembly would have dimensions of approximately 7’W X 5’H X […]

Is Your Pump Still Compliant?

Maintaining 3-A Compliance Did you know that altering or repairing SPX FLOW pumps in the field using non-genuine OEM parts may not only void their warranty*, but may also alter their 3-A and EHEDG certification status? All components used within SPX FLOW high-performance pumps are precisely engineered and tested so that customers can realize maximum […]