The Applied Vacuum Division of Anderson Dahlen has a long history, over 30 years, of manufacturing premium vacuum products and custom vacuum chambers for use in the most demanding processes, including ultrahigh vacuum (UHV). The original company Applied Vacuum Technology grew quickly from simply supplying flanges to building complex custom vacuum chambers and a wide range of premium vacuum related equipment. AVT has always had a strong foundation built on an understanding of clients needs.

Early Days

AVT was founded in 1989 by Jerry Bohn, previously director of Perkin Elmers Vacuum Products Division, supplying vacuum parts and other hardware to Physical Electronics (PHI) a leading maker of surface analysis equipment.

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Growing the Company

Seeking to truly understand each customers technology, AVT had a winning strategy to advise on how various processing steps could enhance or hinder a customers efforts. This allowed AVT to work with companies of all sizes, bringing projects that ranged from full design solutions to help with vacuum-specific issues. With each successful project, AVT built a strong reputation of a company that cared about and understood their clients needs.

Applied Vacuum Division

Over the past several years AVT has expanded and enhanced its operation in numerous areas, and now boasts a wider range of customers and applications, additional engineers and project managers, upgraded equipment, and improved capabilities in machining, welding and assembly.

Applied Vacuum Technology was acquired by Anderson Dahlen in 2013. Since then it has operated as an independent division of the company with shared resources and management. Becoming part of the larger manufacturing capabilities at Anderson Dahlen allowed the Applied Vacuum Division to take on larger scale vacuum projects at the main facility in Ramsey, MN.

The Applied Vacuum facility in Waconia continues to focus on custom UHV products and is expanding capabilities to take on XHV applications and clean-room assembly. There will also be an expanded vacuum team and new dedicated manufacturing space in Ramsey.

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