We are familiar with every aspect of vacuum technology. Applications include simulation and test, research systems, batch manufacturing equipment, and other unique high or ultra-high vacuum applications.

Expert In-House Production

The Applied Vacuum Division Engineers are skilled at combining HV/UHV/XHV chamber and component manufacturing expertise with instrumentation and controls to provide custom vacuum equipment solutions. We provide integrated solutions from simply mounting your chamber on a suitable frame along with appropriate pumps, up to fully automated and PLC controlled vacuum equipment.

The Applied Vacuum Division produces all chambers and support chassis in house, which gives us complete control over design, quality and fit of all aspects of your equipment, ensuring the best combination of value and performance.

Box chambers, load locks, D-shape, cylindrical & asymmetrical chambers are all available. We can also custom design and build internal fixtures for substrates or components, including mounts, carousels or transport mechanisms for sample manipulation and load lock transfer.

Types of Custom Integrated Vacuum Equipment

Projects typically fall into one of 3 categories Basic, Intermediate and Complex.


A basic package will typically consist of chamber, frame, pumps and vacuum plumbing; assembled and ready for use. Available with manual or solenoid actuated valve options. This offers cost and schedule advantages to customers by removing engineering requirements for their chamber, chassis and vacuum lines. The Applied Vacuum Division stocks all standard flanges and tubing so your connection lines can be sized, cut, welded and assembled in house. Which keeps the number of vacuum joints and costs to a minimum, and made just as quickly as buying more expensive stock nipples, tees and other fittings. Furthermore, we can fit the entire package on a frame to suit your available space footprint, even providing prints and 3D models to help in your room layout. For customers operating on a tight budget we can discuss cost saving solutions such as integrating pumps that you already own, or consider refurbished pumps.


An intermediate vacuum tool involves everything in a basic project, and adds controls and pressure gaging. Available control options include very simple manual switch panels for operating pumps and valves, or touch panel HMI systems including automated pump and vent sequences, data logging and simple recipe control. Such systems operate via a PLC, often with touch screen interface, and allow remote monitoring of the vacuum tool, with the addition of real time data trending and logging.


A complex build involves fully integrated equipment, including pumps, power supplies, sources, instrumentation and controls. PC based interface allows recipe driven process control with full data logging and report generation, with maintenance functions including kWH monitoring and hour monitoring of sources and components, and providing cautionary flags and critical system safety shutdown as appropriate. Equipment can include heaters, chillers, deposition sources and in situ measurement. Our user-friendly software interface displays system status in real time, including status of process parameters, valve position and utility status.

Within the scope of all three types of project, we can offer different approaches to help your project become a success. The Applied Vacuum Division can perform a complete design and build of your equipment, or perform a contract build.

Custom HV and UHV Applications

Design & Build Capabilities

In a design and build project, the Applied Vacuum Division provides complete equipment design including specification of components. You provide the outline concept and requirements, and we can specify all the details. Including chamber design with cost effective manufacturing options, chassis design to minimize footprint and maintain accessibility, pump size, type and model specification, also any interfaces or special requirements. One of our engineers will discuss your needs and help you achieve success and make the most effective use of your budget.

Contract Build For OEMs & Integrators

In a contract build project, the Applied Vacuum Division manufactures equipment to our customers defined documentation. You provide specifications, drawings and schematics; and we will build, assemble and test the complete module to your requirements. Once completed, the equipment can ship directly to you or to your end customer. Customers are always welcome to visit our facility for final test and acceptance.

Partner with Applied Vacuum Technology and get Exactly What you need

The Applied Vacuum Division has many years of experience with the range of components and instrumentation available today, which means that we can recommend a solution to suit your needs and budget, or work to your specific requests.

  • A highly skilled team of engineers with many years of vacuum technology experience.
  • Commitment to support throughout the lifetime of the equipment.
  • In house integration of your concept into a solid design.
  • Extensive knowledge to help shape your idea into reality.
  • Dedicated project managers to provide a contact point and steer each project.
  • Use of modern software tools for design for mechanical, electrical and control aspects.
  • Simulation modelling including mechanical, linear and thermal stress (with finite element analysis).
  • Comprehensive after sales technical support via hotline, email, skype and WhatsApp as needed.

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