AVD Ships Large UHV Chamber to UCLA to Begin the HUNT for “Sterile” Neutrinos

Posted on: July 7, 2020

The Applied Vacuum Division (AVD) of Anderson Dahlen is both proud and excited to be shipping this beautiful chamber, frame, and special hardware from our Waconia facility to UCLA. The 316L SS chamber and hardware were annealed in accordance with AVD’s proprietary heat treatment process to reduce hydrogen outgassing and magnetic permeability. Once delivered, this chamber will be utilized to support the HUNTER (Heavy Unseen Neutrinos from Total Energy-momentum Reconstruction) project. The HUNTER project is a collaboration between Temple University, UCLA, The University of Houston, and Princeton University to conduct a laboratory-scale experimental search for a new “sterile” type of neutrino. “Neutrinos play a crucial role in our universe via their role in a number of phenomena, including particle interactions, radioactivity, and fusion reactions at the center of stars.” (C.J. Martoff et al, W.M Keck Foundation, June 2017). Learn more about “sterile” neutrinos and the research to observe them. Visit our website to learn how AVD can assist you with your vacuum project.