Expand Your Integrated Vacuum Equipment With New Motion Manipulation Products

Posted on: April 12, 2017

Anderson Dahlen (ADI) – Applied Vacuum Division provides solutions for various research and industrial equipment. We manufacture and integrate basic to complex motion, manipulation and sample transfer mechanisms to suit custom chamber geometries working under HV/UHV/XHV atmosphere. Precision Magnetic Manipulator (PMM) devices are suited for controlled environment applications such as thin film process tools, analytical systems and surface science research equipment.

HV-UHV Linear & Linear/Rotary Precision Magnetic Motion Manipulators

Available with linear-only and linear/rotary motion, PMMs are manufactured with all-metal internal construction for use in high vacuum, ultra-high vacuum or controlled environments. These transporters are bakeable to 250C.

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Manual & Motorized Sample Transfer Systems

This high-vacuum compatible, single-substrate loadlock system is designed to manually load wafers or other flat substrates into a SEMI-standard or custom process chamber. The MASCOT can mimic the motions of a complex and costly robot but is convenient to use and significantly less costly.

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HV-UHV Rotary Motion Manipulators

The Model DBROM handles a high breakaway torque and a tight angular compliance and are bakeable to 250C. User-specified choices include the size and number of shafts; choice of shaft material; length of shaft; choice of hollow or solid shaft; and end details such as flats, threads, etc. making these units fit a wide range of needs.

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Custom Integrated Assemblies with Sample Transfer & Motion Manipulators

Our Innovative Vacuum Transfer Integrated Assemblies Feature Multi-Axis stepper motor control system, Manual as well as pneumatically driven control system, Custom chamber with X, Y and rotational stage, Vacuum suitcase sample transport system, Dual directional chamber with customized MASCOT Loadlock, UHV-compatible rack and pinion transporter, and more…

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