Are you upgrading or retrofitting legacy vacuum equipment

Posted on: December 1, 2017

Many companies maintain a growing number of legacy tools and equipment that are no longer supported by the OEM. As spare parts become unavailable or cost prohibitive from the manufacturer, end users are left with the difficult task of maintaining and retrofitting the tools internally. This is where our experience with a wide range of UHV applications can be particularly helpful.

Applied Vacuum has been manufacturing custom ultra-high vacuum products for more than 30 years. We have the tools and technology to provide most requirements, and the experience to help customers with design challenges. Our company began as the internal fabrication shop for Perkin Elmer, providing components and chambers for a wide range of UHV products and systems feedthroughs and viewports, ion pumps, deposition tools (MOCVD, MBE and other), as well as various surface science instruments.

Earlier this year, the Applied Vacuum Division of Anderson Dahlen was approached by a Silicon Valley customer to reverse engineer and improve a load-lock on a legacy OEM surface science tool. The engineers responsible for utilizing and maintaining the tool did not have access to any manufacturing drawings and were unable to garner support from the OEM.


The original load-lock (pictured above) was manufactured with an elastomer-sealed viewport that the customer wanted to replace with a metal-sealed CF viewport. Additionally, the engineers requested two angled side ports be added in order to accommodate a pressure gauge and electrical feedthrough. The ultimate goal for the new design was to make the load-lock UHV compatible in order to operate the tool with the gate valve open. The engineers sent the existing load-lock to the vacuum engineers at our Waconia facility, and within 2 months we were able to design, manufacture, and deliver the new design (pictured below).



Are you upgrading or retrofitting legacy vacuum equipment?

Let us help you with any chamber or component requirements. Our Applied Vacuum Division has CAD Design/Engineering Staff to work with your company as you maintain and improve existing equipment. With 220 employees and 250,000 ft2 of total manufacturing space, we can meet your needs for High Vacuum (HV), Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) and Extreme High Vacuum (XHV) ranges; and handle sizes up to 20 in length, 14 in diameter.

Applied Vacuum delivers total vacuum solutions including chambers and assemblies, flanges and components, motion, manipulation and transfer devices, as well as custom integrated vacuum equipment. Whats more, we manage a range of production volume from custom design-and-build projects for national labs and universities to repeat production for equipment manufacturers.

Contact us today to speak to an engineer regarding your design needs.