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Don’t Scrap Your Alloy 88 Screws or Rotors!

Participate in SPX FLOW’s Recycling Program and Earn More than the Current Scrap Value Every day, modern manufacturing facilities become more and more environmentally friendly. Sustainable manufacturing benefits bottom lines while also helping to eliminate unnecessary waste. At Anderson Dahlen, we practice these sustainable methods and encourage our customers to embrace them as well. Today […]

Gearing Up To Support STEM Summer Camps In Minnesota

It is critically important for young students to understand and experience STEM by themselves. These summer camps provide an opportunity to conduct hands-on experiments and meet experts in the field at a time when students are discovering their interests and passions in the STEM field, helping them prepare themselves for college and career development by […]

Focus on Jobs: Engineering. An interview with Kaushik Das of Anderson Dahlen

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”Arthur C. Clarke What does it take to turn a highly detailed concept into reality?  Turning any concept into reality can be a tall order on any scale. That is especially true for leading scientific research organizations in need of intricate high-pressure vacuum systems or corporations that need […]

Employee Benefits: The Key to Making “Made in the USA” Stronger Than Ever

Why do we love products that are “Made in the USA?” Is it because we make things better? Of course, you could argue that Americans make things that last longer, are more aesthetically pleasing, or work better than products manufactured overseas. But that is not always the case. From across the globe, American manufacturers face […]

Meet Anderson Dahlen at the 2022 Pet Food Forum

Anderson Dahlen’s world-class specialty alloy fabrication and equipment integration services will be on full display at the Petfood Forum—this year’s most critical series of conferences, exhibitions, and unique events serving the global petfood manufacturing industry. Every year we attend the Petfood Forum, excited for the opportunity to catch up with our industry partners, and network […]

Focus on Jobs : CNC Operators and Their Crucial Role in Minnesota Manufacturing

With our CNC mills, Anderson Dahlen is able to manufacture some of the most highly specialized components to exacting, precision-built standards. We have one of the largest CNC lathes in the upper midwest. Since it was installed in 2012, we’ve had the ability to drill and tap holes, mill slots, and turn precision parts that […]

Call Out to Skilled Workers: Come to Minnesota!

The Vikings are not the only team players in Minnesota. At Anderson Dahlen, we believe fully in a team dynamic that allows us to create some of the most powerful industrial equipment in the country. We also understand that developing the best manufacturing team in the nation means more than just providing great jobs with […]

ADI Helping Scientific Research for Today and the Future

The Scientific Method, as described by Webster’s Dictionary, is as follows: “…the systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses.” Over time and repetition, the experiments and discoveries of our scientists and research technicians can help us better understand our world, ourselves, and our universe. Perhaps there is no other […]

Manufacturing The American Dream

We’d like to take a moment to talk about American manufacturing. There’s been a lot of talk lately about how American businesses are struggling against the effects of globalization, tariffs, a shrinking workforce, and a variety of other push/pull factors influencing the offshoring of American manufacturing jobs. It’s true, manufacturing will always come with challenges, […]