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Services Spotlight: OEM Manufacturing

One of the most challenging practices in manufacturing is knowing your limitations. How much can you build in-house? How much time and resources are you willing to invest in building […]

The Importance of Community Involvement

Why give back to your community? It’s a good question for many businesses whose top goal is to make money and grow the organization—who want to know, “What are we […]

Focus on Jobs: Material Handler

Material handlers are often entry-level personnel in manufacturing and for many, the beginning of a long and rewarding career in the skilled trades. They are especially crucial to the manufacturing […]

Don’t Scrap Your Alloy 88 Screws or Rotors!

Participate in SPX FLOW’s Recycling Program and Earn More than the Current Scrap Value Every day, modern manufacturing facilities become more and more environmentally friendly. Sustainable manufacturing benefits bottom lines […]

5 Reasons We Recommend a Manufacturing Career

Manufacturing is a booming industry that employs 10% of the nation’s workforce. It has proven a stable, rewarding, and promising career path for both entry-level and seasoned professionals. Not only […]