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Our engineering experts at Anderson Dahlen continue to innovate within the conveyor marketplace and build products that help drive reliability and productivity within the industrial field. Our technical team can work with you to customize screw conveyor products uniquely for your facility and application demands. Our work is designed to help your business reduce its costs while building long-term efficiency within the conveyor process.

We manufacture high quality industrial conveyors and our work is designed to help your business reduce its costs while building long-term efficiency within the conveyor process. Contact Anderson Dahlen, a leading manufacturer of conveyors, to get a quote today!

A complete line of conveyors designed for any industry and application, you can keep lines moving with less down-time and maintenance. Sizes to 60 and designed with FDA/3A standards, customized to your product needs. Please contact us to get a quote on the industrial conveyors we offer.

STAINLESS STEEL BELT CONVEYORS Stainless Steel Belt Conveyor Features Include:

  • All stainless steel, continuously welded frame construction.
  • Cantilevered support structure allows easy belt removal from one side of the conveyor.
  • Stainless steel machined pulleys with optional drive pulley lagging available.
  • All bearings have corrosion resistant housings and are lubed/sealed for life.
  • Tail pulley assembly includes quick release take-ups with tracking adjustment.
  • Drive options include motorized pulley, shaft mounted gear motors, timing belt or chain drive.
  • Belting material is selected based on the application.
  • Conveyor can be supported with portable cart with locking casters, fixed framework with adjustable ball feet, or from overhead suspension.
  • Optional cable switches available.
  • Return idler pulleys are removable for cleaning or maintenance.
  • Conveyors can be mounted horizontally, inclined or declined.
  • Optional spray bars available for in-place washing of the belting.
  • Optional covers and catch pans can be supplied to protect your product.
  • Optional belt scrapers are available.

INDUSTRIAL SCREW CONVEYORS EZ Access Screw Conveyor Design & Equipment

Anderson Dahlen provides screw conveyors and sanitary screw feeders with convenient EZ Access features. Our screw conveyor systems are designed to offer safety, reliability, and ease of use.

This line of custom process equipment offers the following features:

  • Faster and easier cleaning for efficient changeovers
  • Moves wet and dry ingredients
  • Reliable and durable for YEARS of use
  • One piece FDA approved material door gaskets
  • Heavy-duty rigid hinges for long-lasting reliability
  • Over center locking clamps
  • Variety of seal options including air-purged seal, lip seal and packing-style seals
  • External bearings have corrosion resistant housings and are lubricated and sealed for life
  • Drive package options include shaft/flange mounted inverter duty gear motors or timing belt/chain drives
  • All product contact surfaces are finished to allow rapid cleaning
  • Trough clearances are available smaller than CEMA standards to minimize the amount of residual material remaining in the housing
  • Inlet configurations include rectangular inlets, oval inlets, round or square inlets with flanges, or flex connection stubs
  • Standard flush end square discharge with optional outlet transition to round outlet (multiple discharges available)
  • All operator access points into the conveyor are protected with a keyed safety switch

The Anderson Dahlen EZ-Access Screw Conveyors Are a Perfect Fit For Many Applications

Our EZ-Access Screw Conveyors feature a sanitary screw feeder designed to meet today’s needs for food processors. The screw feeder features easy-open and dust-tight upper and lower doors that swing out of the way when opened, providing excellent access to the auger for sanitation. Perfect for any application, these versatile screw feeders come in your choice of 3″, 4″, 6″, 9″ and 12″ diameter augers. The augers are available with a wide variety of shaft and flighting configurations designed to meet your ingredient properties. This robust feeder is the perfect solution to give you years of consistent performance.

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