When your new processing system requires a custom CIP or COP solution, use our trained engineers who understand and know the regulations pertaining to your plant. We can provide you with the drawings and documentation needed for your application. Our engineers will work onsite to upgrade your CIP to your existing control system. If you are planning a plant expansion, we can help you identify the flows necessary to clean your new equipment.

A fully integrated CIP solution will pump and heat detergents and rinse agents from dedicated reservoirs, recirculating automatically with a computer program controlling the entire sequence from washing to rinsing. Anderson Dahlen’s process division has the capabilities to design, specify and install CIP/COP systems in your facility. Our engineers work onsite to layout your cleaning circuits, provide drawings, build, and completely install the system that meets all your needs. With today’s increased demands on production, CIP/COP cleaning automation will reduce your cleaning times providing significant savings in time, labor, water and chemical requirements.

Anderson Dahlen has been manufacturing stainless steel industrial components for over 20 years. Our extensive food processing industry experience provides you top design talent for your unique CIP/COP system needs. Your custom CIP/COP requirements are our challenge and we always deliver on what we promise. Call us at (888) 780-4314 or fill out our online form for custom COP and CIP Systems Solution inquiries.

Consistent Cleaning Systems You can Trust

  • The nature of CIP/COP systems is that they clean hard to reach or areas that cant be easily disassembled. They have to be carefully and uniquely designed as a total process to fully clean in these tough places
  • They have to be highly reliable and totally repeatable so that cleaning can be counted on every time. In the food processing industry, this is critical to plant operation and continuous production
  • Sanitary design considerations and basic specifications continue to grow as issues occur and the public demands a 100% safe food supply. There is no margin for error in these CIP/COP system designs
  • Processors must understand what is being processed, the chemistry in all the wet parts of the process, and the operating specifications to enhance the plants ability to simplify the cleaning process. Working with engineers with knowledge of CIP and COP equipment and chemical solution suppliers are essential to design a system that works from the start.

If you need an end-to-end system provider, we offer

  • Design engineering:
    • Concept generation
    • Process flow design and development
    • P&ID development
  • Technology & Fabrication:
    • Controls
    • Equipment design
    • Fabrication
  • Testing & Install
    • Start up and commissioning

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