Anderson Dahlen produces custom vacuum chambers which range in size and specification according to our customer’s applications. We have substantial Engineering and Manufacturing resources to support the fabrication for a wide variety of vacuum chambers that customers require.


Our in-house sheet metal fabrication and rolling equipment allow us to routinely build chambers to 10 feet x 14 feet cross sections (rectangular), 10 feet diameters (cylindrical), or even larger. Chamber lengths are often greater than the diameter or cross sectional dimensions, and many systems require a series of chambers which mate together for in-line processing.


We provide modeling and analysis to be certain sufficient mechanical support is included in the design, and are able to meet and certify to ASME, NQA-1 and other codes. Many chambers also involve double wall designs, integrated water cooling or other thermal management. Most systems involve numerous flanges and ports, standard and custom. We usually manufacture these in-house, but also work with customers to source and integrate specific requirements or components of their choice.


Surface finish is an important aspect of vacuum chambers which impacts both appearance and performance. Anderson Dahlen is an expert at finishing stainless steel and other metals. From mechanical grinding and polishing, to chemical passivation or electro-polish; we have the resources to produce the best and most consistent finish your chamber might require.

Custom Components

Most chambers include integrated or related components such as baseplates, hinged doors, domed lids, frames, and hardware or flanges. Anderson Dahlen can include these items as part of our custom design and fabrication. We can provide these as separate items or integrated.

Custom Vacuum Chamber Used in Atomic Layer Deposition Research at University of Colorado’s S.M. George Research Group

A special project directed by senior research associate, Andrew Cavanagh, required a vacuum chamber 9 feet in length, numerous side ports with critical alignment, sufficient rigidity to maintain locational tolerances during process, and precisely aligned rail system for trolley that moved back-and-forth inside the chamber. Read more »

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