Food Processing Equipment and Systems Basics

Anderson Dahlen is a leader in custom-built food processing systems, with over seventy-five years’ experience providing solutions to meet the needs of the food industry.  Our experience with stainless steel fabrication and long history of excellence makes us a reliable choice to design food systems which are fully within FDA regulations and capable of providing years of service.

We offer a wide variety of components necessary for food processing systems, including:

ASME Pressure Vessels

ASME-certified pressure vessels are one of our specialties, capable of pressures from 15psi to 2500psi, and ruggedly durable for long-term reliability.  Our long experience in custom fabrication makes it possible for us to meet almost any custom need.

Jacketed Vessels

Regulate temperature while keeping maintenance costs down with Anderson Dahlen ASME-certified jacketed vessels.  Our dedication to quality, reliable design means you can see greater quality control in your end products – keeping your buyers satisfied.

Mixing and Blending Systems

Whatever your needs, we can craft the mixing and blending systems needed to make it work.  From mild agitation to high-powered sheering and blending, you can rely on Anderson Dahlen workmanship and guaranteed ASME certification to keep these high-use components running for years to come.

Batch Processing Tanks

Need a complicated system of make-up tanks and use tanks for batch processing?  Not a problem.  We’ll work with you to understand your needs and design a set of tanks to match, complete with vital QC and automation-friendly equipment including scales and other load sensors.

Cooking Systems

Our long experience in the industry gives us the edge when designing cookers for your products.  Our options include direct-injection steam cooking systems, spiral steam ovens, and custom cookers which can use virtually any other heat source your product calls for.  Our engineers work with you directly to construct the best cooking system for your needs.

CIP and COP Systems

Maintaining cleanliness is always a top priority when working with food – and Anderson Dahlen can design the cleaners you need to keep your food processing within FDA regulation.  Whether Clean-in-Place or Clean-Out-of-Place, we’ll work with you to understand the food processing flow and create a system that keeps it hygienic with a minimum of waste.

Turn to Anderson Dahlen For End-to-End Systems Design

Beyond individual components, we can work with you to create a complete system to achieve the exact results your food processing operation calls for.  From initial inputs, throughout processing and cooking, and with FDA-approved conveyance systems throughout, Anderson Dahlen can create a well-optimized, low-maintenance solution built entirely to order.

Need automation systems?  We can integrate automation as well, with a full range of sensors and computer controls needed to reduce manpower while improving product reliability.

When the food industry needs custom systems, they turn to Anderson Dahlen.  To learn more about our options in food processing systems, or to discuss your needs with an expert engineer, at Anderson Dahlen directly.

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