For 75 years, Anderson Dahlen has been a leading provider of fabrication services for food processors and food processing equipment manufacturers. With extensive expertise in liquid and dry process systems, equipment and automation solutions, we offer everything from stock products to fabricated components and assemblies to integrated production systems

From components to integrated food processing systems, we can help you increase volume while reducing material waste and overall maintenance and production cost. Contact us at (888) 780-4314 for our food manufacturing and processing equipment and systems.

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From Components to Integrated Systems for:

Fluids in Motion: Storage, Mixing & Fluid Processing

Whether youre modernizing or expanding, we design and build liquid processing systems that increase volume while reducing material waste and overall maintenance and production cost. All components can be provided individually, as assemblies or as fully integrated custom systems.

Storage Vessels Built Tough To Any Spec

ASME Pressure Vessels

Anderson Dahlen has extensive expertise in fabricating ASME Pressure Vessels that work with pressures from 15 psi to 2500 psi and combo vacuum/ pressures up to 300 psi. We design and manufacture across a wide spectrum of applications and commonly meet unusual requirements.More on ASME Pressure Vessels

Jacketed Vessels

We fabricate jacketed vessels which aid in regulating temperatures and minimizing heat loss or gain. By regulating temperature, jacketed vessels can help you maintain and control the quality of your product. Depending on use, there are many design options for jacketed vessels. Full Line of Jacketed Vessels

Mixing & Blending Customized To Your Needs

Customized to Your Needs We build single and double agitator blending and mixing vessels. Our horizontal and vertical mixers and blending tanks are designed for gentle agitation to low and high-shear mixing. Sizes range from a few gallons to over 5,000 gallons with dual, turbine or prop agitators. We can deliver one mixer, multiple copies of the same design or a fully integrated system complete with factory acceptance testing and assembly in your plant

Versatile & Scalable Make-up and Use Tanks

Batch systems typically utilize a make-up tank and one or more use tanks. Ingredients are measured into the make-up tank, mixed together, and may be heated or cooled. The mixture is then transferred to a use tank, which is designed to maintain the products characteristics until its used in further processes.

The make-up and use tanks can be mounted on load cells for accurate weighing of ingredients and for inventory control of the mixed solution. Material is pumped from use tanks, and the discharge rate can be measured using load cells or flow meters. Depending on the process, additional items such as external heat exchangers, condensers or evaporators, can be integrated into these systems.

Expertly Designed, Complete, Production Ready Systems

With design, engineering and fabrication all under one roof, we specialize in manufacturing integrated systems ready for operation. We combine storage, mixing/blending, batching, dispensing, and CIP or COP options into a turnkey skidded system that increases efficiency, quality, consistency and compliance while reducing waste and costs.

Material Handling: Moving Materials Down the Line

When food production requirements call for the fast, efficient transport and processing of powders, pastes, slurries and dry food products, Anderson Dahlen has the experience to design and fabricate state-of-the-art dry process systems that reduce time and costs and increase ROI.

Fully Customizable, Easy to Clean Screw Conveyors

Anderson Dahlen EZ-Access Screw Conveyors offer speed, safety, reliability and ease of use. Designed for todays food processors, they feature a sanitary screw feeder with easy-open doors that are dust-tight, and upper and lower doors that swing out of the way for easy access for sanitation. They are available in a range of auger, shaft and flighting configurations to meet your requirements. Screw Conveyors

Belt Conveyors Designed to Last

Our belt conveyors cantilevered support structure allows easy belt removal, and the corrosion resistant bearing housings are lubed/sealed for life. Drive options include motorized pulley, shaft mounted gear motors, timing belt or chain drive based on your specific application. Optional spray-bars protect product by in-place washing of the belting, belt scrapers, covers and catch pans.

Pump Feeders Engineered for Control, Versatility & Effeciency

Our pump feeders pump product that cant be moved by gravity. Using high torque, low RPM counter rotating and synchronized augers, they move high viscosity product that standard pumps would struggle with. Offering precise feed rate control and pump pressure monitoring, they aid in temperature management as well as improving ergonomics, production and sanitation.

Consistent Size Reduction

Our size reduction equipment handles a wide variety of materials while taking into account process characteristics such as temperature, moisture content, density, abrasiveness and hardness. Our CAD engineers and manufacturing team custom design and build size reduction equipment to provide 100 percent repeatable accuracy, ease of use, improved efficiency and increased production.

Delumpers that Deliver Again and Again

We provide an assortment of equipment to delump a variety of products, breaking them down without damaging the original product. Installed for applications such as coarse grinding, fine grinding and wet grinding, they reduce labor costs, enhance operator safety, improve product quality and increase production efficiency.

Designed For Your Unique Systems, Designed for Compliance

Anderson Dahlen custom industrial platforms are designed to meet critical sanitary standards. Produced with stainless steel or aluminum and designed to prevent product contamination from bacteria and foreign substances. Options include adding an integrated conveyor system to increase production rates, reduce the total space required and improve ergonomics.

Now We’re Cooking: Industrial, High-Volume Cooking Solutions

We are helping some of the worlds largest food companies utilize the efficiency and purity of steam cooking to improve quality and production volume, while reducing cooking time, waste and maintenance costs. By integrating linear steamers and Checker spiral steamers into their production lines as well as other custom cooking systems from Anderson Dahlen, theyre increasing overall yields.

direct injection steam cooking

Direct Injection Steam Cooking

Anderson Dahlen is recognized as a leading provider of integrated food processing equipment and systems serving the dairy, meat, poultry, seafood and packaged product industries. Our spiral and linear steam cookers are customized based on temperatures, cooking times and the application itself, making them un- matched for maintaining food weight and moisture content while retaining nutritional content and flavor.

Checker Brand + Anderson Dahlen = A Better Spiral Steam Oven

Our Checker spiral steam ovens deliver more cooking power, in less space, at a lower cost. Theyre the efficient and economical way to pasteurize ready-to-eat (RTE) meat and poultry products. Maximizing microbe elimination, minimizing pasteurization time and precisely controlling the process temperatures allows the flavor of the RTE product to be retained.

non-steam cooking

Non-Steam Cooking & Custom Cooking Processes

While steam is the most efficient manner of cooking many foods like chicken, beef or fish, there are applications which require non-steam methods. Radiant or convection, thermal jackets or heated platens, our experienced engineers and project managers can help you address most any custom requirement for your cooking process.

design build and contract build manufacturing

From concept to facility acceptance testing, Anderson Dahlen is your design and fabriation partner for resolving engineering and manufacturing challenges. We specialize in bilding and installing one-of-a-kind systems for unique processes

Teamed for Success

Anderson Dahlen partnered with BIX Produce to custom manufacture an automated processing system which increased production speed and capacity while improving ergonomics for their employees. Our engineers, CAD designers, and manufacturing teams met the customers requirements with a custom platform including a custom conveyor and product lifting station. The lift raises boxes to the conveyor to be processed. During manufacturing, the lift underwent special fabrication to meet customer and industry specifications. Engineers also provided sanitary features such as removable product dividers and quick release belt tensioners to allow thorough wash-down.

Contract Manufacturing for OEMs

As an OEM contract manufacturer, Anderson Dahlen partners with global companies to improve product design, reduce production costs and improve product quality. Top OEM brands count on our fulfillment, engineering and fabrication capabilities to increase their customers satisfaction with high quality products built to their specifications.

In our limited access assembly bays, we protect your technology and intellectual property. From parts and assemblies to complete systems, we are ready to be your trusted OEM contract manufacturing partner.

More on OEM Contract Manufacturing

ADI & Demaco Inc., a Perfect Partnership

Successful OEM partnerships allow companies to focus their resources on core strengths, resulting in greater value for their end-customers. Anderson Dahlen and Demaco Inc., a leading manufacturer of sanitary pasta extruders for prepared foods and fresh pasta, have enjoyed a 20-year partnership that has allowed both businesses to gain market share with large-scale projects.

Common Goals

Demaco and Anderson Dahlen share a common goal of delivering the highest standard of products as well as being an active partner in our customers successes. Its how weve helped food producers stay at the forefront of technology, quality and productivity with superior customer service, advanced engineering and fabrication to deliver the highest quality equipment.

“Our partnership with Anderson Dahlen has allowed us to direct our resources into customer service, pure engineering and pasta processing technology. This has been a tremendous strategic advantage for Demaco; our assets and resources are precisely focused on the activities that matter most to customers. As a result, we are outpacing our competition in both innovation and growth. When it comes to quality manufacturing, we have absolute confidence in Anderson Dahlen. Our teams work so well together; each a mutually supporting extension of the other.”

– Joe DeFrancisci, CEO Demaco

Anderson Dahlen has served the food industry for over 60 years.

Our experienced staff has decades of experience in designing and manufacturing food processing equipment and is ready to solve your product processing challenges. Our design group will work with your team to optimize a solution to meet your food processing requirements. From a single piece of equipment to a complex system, Anderson Dahlen is your source for quality processing and manufacturing solutions.

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