Anderson Dahlen Guarantees the Best
Combination of Value and Performance

Integrated Equipment Solutions to Turnkey Vacuum Systems

At Anderson Dahlen, our engineers are skilled at combining chamber and component manufacturing expertise with instrumentation and controls to provide custom vacuum equipment solutions. Our team has the integrated solutions you need, from the simplest solutions consisting of chambers, frames, pumps, and vacuum plumbing assembled and ready to use – all the way up to the most complex builds.

Design and Build Capabilities

Anderson Dahlen builds custom-designed vacuum systems around your application with your specific process in mind. Our solutions are 100% custom to your needs – no two projects are ever the same.

We can design for many applications and include pumps, power supplies, sources, instrumentation, and controls. The PC-based interface allows recipe-driven process control with full data logging and report generation, with maintenance functions including kWh monitoring and hour monitoring sources and components providing cautionary flags and critical system safety shutdown as appropriate.

Equipment can include heaters, chillers, deposition sources, and in situ measurement. Our user-friendly software interface displays system status in real time, including the status of process parameters, valve position, and utility status.


Sputter Coating Tool

Custom Coating Tool

Why Work with Anderson Dahlen?

Since 1989, Anderson Dahlen has dedicated itself to providing world-class metal fabrication and equipment integration to leading multinational companies to continuously shape bright ideas into brilliant results. When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Unparalleled craftsmanship and expertise
  • Single source responsibility
  • Total protection of your proprietary designs
  • A project manager assigned to every project