Custom Chambers for
Ultra-High Vacuum Applications

UHV Chamber Manufacturing

At Anderson Dahlen, we can manufacture custom UHV chambers of any size or complexity. We focus on four major areas of customization: size, finish, features, and components. To ensure we meet and exceed your project requirements, we’ll introduce you to our engineering group to assist with all design considerations. We’ve produced everything from one-of-a-kind research chambers for national labs and universities to production volume chambers for world-class equipment manufacturers.


Quality Guarantee

Since 1989, Anderson Dahlen has been a leading supplier of UHV chambers and weldments for vacuum systems. Over the decades, we’ve taken the time to fully flesh out our manufacturing process to ensure you receive the best custom UHV chamber available.

Throughout the build process, extreme cleanliness and attention to finish quality are paramount, which is why all UHV chambers undergo rigorous testing procedures. This includes pressure testing cooling cavitations, helium leak checking internal and external welds, and having a Certified Welding Inspector review critical weld joints.