You need a single source for your high-quality stainless steel components and fabrication needs; we have it under one roof. Our proven manufacturing processes ensure you get the quality, documentation, and support to get projects done on time, within budget, and meeting any demanding quality requirements.

Project Management

Every project has quality assurance built in from the start and is managed by an experienced project manager. By communicating with our customers and performing a complete contract/specification review up front, we develop a quality and manufacturing plan that meets the requirements of the project. That way the correct checks and inspections are performed at the proper time in the manufacturing process, eliminating surprises at the end.

Quality, Testing & Inspection

Your most demanding quality requirements can be met with our proven team of experienced quality engineers and manufacturing professionals. Our project managers understand the rigors of quality programs, testing procedures, and inspection techniques. Inspection packages including all required signed documents are provided to the customer prior to shipment, ensuring that all specifications and performance requirements have been met. Anderson Dahlen meets the following quality qualifications, in addition to other more specific certifications.
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • ASME section VIII Division 1 pressure vessels including miniature and repair
    • The certification of pressure vessels in accordance with ASME Section VIII, Division 1 with U and UM R PP Certificates of Authorization.
    • The certification of pressure vessels in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) using ASME Section VIII, Division 1 for design.
    • The certification of repairs and the alterations to pressure vessels in accordance with National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) with R Certificate of Authorization.
    • ASME B31-1 and 31-3 Power Piping and Process Piping
    • Components and enclosures that meet Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA-1)
In addition to dimensional inspections, a variety of weld inspection processes are available, including visual, dye penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonic flaw detection x-ray and hydro testing, among others In-House Material and weld inspection processes include
  • XRF Analyzer for Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  • Conventional & phased array ultrasonic flaw detection
  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • 5 AWS Certified Weld Inspectors (CWI)
  • Liquid dye penetrant inspection
  • Radiography (subcontracted)
  • Borescope inspection of process tubing and vessels
  • Portable FaroArm Inspection
  • CMM Inspection
  • UT Inspection

Documentation and Material Traceability

Document packages At the request of the customer, complete document packages can be delivered either electronically or in a moisture-proof jacket affixed to the shipping container. Document packages may contain but are not limited to Certificate of Conformances, MTRs, inspection reports, ASME documents, weld maps, Quality plans and instruction manuals. Anderson Dahlen maintains complete material traceability to the mill of origin for all raw materials that enter our facility. Anderson Dahlen does not purchase any raw materials without complete material markings including Original MTRs in a digital format and in an atmospherically controlled environment. Heat numbers for all component parts are tracked throughout the fabrication process.

Engineering & CAD Design support

With over 200 welding procedures that are certified to the ASME or AWS welding codes using Aluminum, Carbon Steels, Stainless Steels, Nickel Alloys, Duplex Stainless steels, and other Dissimilar metals that are maintained by our seven CWIs on staff, Anderson can handle your most complex projects. Working with some of the largest OEMs and companies from a wide range of industries gives us the engineering knowledge to get parts right the first time. From FDA and FDA Dairy to nuclear power restrictions, you get the finishes, documentation, and traceability your project requires. Our engineering and CAD team has a wide range of experience that includes extensive systems engineering expertise. When you need a full system built, Anderson Dahlen has that capability to design it from your rough ideas. We are experts at design-build and have a superior reputation for working with our customers to create designs that work.

In-Process Inspection Equipment & Checks

To ensure 100% customer satisfaction and quality, we take inspection seriously. Beyond ongoing inspections of welding and in-process checks, we have a dedicated part of the shop designed for ensuring accuracy and product quality.
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine
    • Sheffield Cordax RS-170DCC CMM X = 60.00in, Y = 69.00in, Z = 48.00in, table area 62.00in x 70.00in Work load 10,000lbs
    • Faro arm Platinum unit, 4 ft arm (8 ft diameter envelope)
  • Hardness testing
    • Wilson #4 Rockwell hardness tester
  • X-Ray Fluorescent (XRF) Analyzer
    • Thermo Scientific Niton Handheld X-Ray Fluorescent (XRF) Analyzer (PMI) Positive Material identification
  • UT (Ultrasonic Flaw Detector)
    • Olypmus Omniscan MX with Phased Array Module
  • MT (Magnetic Particle Inspection)
    • Parker Research hand held
  • Pneumatic hydro test unit
    • Barbee 10,000 PSI
    • Barbee 3,000 PSI

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