New Laser and Mills Increases Manufacturing Capabilities

Posted on: October 27, 2021

The quality of any fabrication or manufacturing process is the combination of two aspects: the quality of the employees performing the work and the quality of the equipment they’re using.

At Anderson Dahlen, we pride ourselves on the highest possible quality for both of these categories. First and foremost, our employees are the best of the bunch. Here’s what our Manufacturing Engineer and Safety Coordinator Andy Davis had to say:

“The culture at Anderson Dahlen is driven by continuous improvement and cross-functional teamwork, with safety being no exception. Our near-miss program, incident root cause investigations, and cross-departmental participation in our safety committee provide avenues for all employees to highlight safety topics on a regular basis. By fostering an environment that advocates clear and open communication, our team members feel supported to say something when they see something so that we can all work safely.”

Aside from the focus on safety and quality in our employees, we’re also investing in new machinery to enhance the quality standards we hold ourselves to. By installing these new machines, we’re capable of manufacturing more of our components in-house. This gives us greater oversight into the quality and of every individual component that goes into any mechanism we build.

Two New Machines

The two new machines that we’ve installed are the Mazak DM 300 Mill and the Cincinnati CL900 Laser. What are they? And what do they allow us to do?

Mazak DM 300 Mill

Mazak, known in Japan as Yamazaki Mazak, is an international brand making high-end machine tools. They are some of the best machines in the business for high-power, high-precision manufacturing. Some features of this new mill include:

  • A partition, allowing the work surface to be subdivided into two workstations, such that one can be working while the other is being set up for the next project. This enhances productivity while ensuring safety for the operators of the machine.
  • Gold-standard control software that allows for advanced movement with high-speed, high-precision operation. Whether a component is large or small, the extreme levels of precision capable from this machine allow for near-obsessive quality control.
  • Many automated features, such as tool switching and rapid traverse rates, allow for a minimum of downtime between cuts for a higher level of safe, accurate throughput.

A machine is only as good as its operators, which is why we’re always searching for the best possible employees to provide unparalleled craftsmanship in every project.

Cincinnati CL900 Laser

Laser cutters manufactured by Cincinnati Incorporated are among the best machines available worldwide. For over 35 years, they have been pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a high-quality tool.

This cutting laser offers high-speed cutting with extremely high precision and tolerances on thin material and exceptional quality for edge cutting on thicker materials. Regardless of the design of the part being cut, there’s no better machine to do it.

The CL900 offers:

  • Integration with MARCH Automation, allowing for total automation with extreme flexibility and customization of part workflow.
  • Fiber-based light sources, which eliminate parts and points of failure, allowing for lower maintenance and operation costs without sacrificing precision.
  • High capability, able to cut thin materials with extreme precision or thicker materials with smooth edges, including mild steel plate, red metals, and more.

All of this was configured and integrated with the Anderson Dahlen workflow.

Providing the Best Possible Products

Every investment we make, whether it’s in machinery or individuals, is aimed towards one goal: to provide the best possible products and services. If you’d like to be a part of Minnesota’s most progressive and technologically advanced manufacturer (and just a great place to work), contact us today! We’d love to take your expertise to the next level.