Making Customer-Focused Project Management the Manufacturing Model of Tomorrow

Posted on: August 24, 2021

Businesses are only as good as their people.

At Anderson Dahlen, our project managers play a key role in our ongoing success. Every Anderson Dahlen project gets its own project manager to ensure customer concerns and design specifications are met. And our demonstrable track record from 70 years of precision manufacturing has given our customers confidence in our ability to manage their projects.

These days, it seems almost a quaint notion that to provide customers with the highest level of satisfaction means providing:

  • Unparalleled craftsmanship
  • Single-source responsibility
  • Total protection of proprietary designs
  • Constant communication and accountability

But for Anderson Dahlen, these are core offerings. The level of service, our attention to detail, and our standards for quality and finish all rise above and beyond these core offerings.

Let’s examine these one at a time to demonstrate how our customer-focused project management approach is becoming the manufacturing model of tomorrow, leading the way for an industry where clients demand a high-touch level of service and security around proprietary designs and products.

Unparalleled craftsmanship

There is no such thing as a small detail. From our custom builds to stock products, all details are equally critical to the overall build and durability of our products.

To ensure we leave no detail overlooked, our manufacturing projects have designated teams from start to finish. Each project manager has dedicated resources including engineering, design fabrication, welding and assembly personnel and equipment.

They use the latest manufacturing tools and technology to efficiently handle our customers’ most challenging projects, ensuring this unparalleled craftsmanship remains a constant in everything we do. 

Single source responsibility 

Our project managers serve as a customer’s single point of contact at any moment in time. Our project managers are an incredibly valuable resource who can provide answers to any question related to their project.

Every week, we keep everyone on track so our project managers always know where their project stands in the production cycle. 

None of our single-source responsibility would be possible if it wasn’t for a highly efficient project management system of:

  • Determining and documenting the project requirements
  • Organizing and planning the work
  • Factoring in engineering, fabrication, assembly inspection
  • Testing and installation to meet customers’ delivery requirements.

Because our project managers serve as our customers’ primary contact, they are in charge of regularly monitoring and reporting progress milestones, facilitating change requests or drawing revisions and ensuring the project stays on track. 

Because we are so committed to our single-source model, we even providing after-sale support for our customers as needed. 

Total protection of proprietary designs

Our teams of designers and fabricators are accustomed to working on custom-built products. This means our project managers go to great lengths to safeguard ongoing confidentiality and total protection of proprietary designs throughout all stages of the design and production process.

We understand how important your proprietary designs are to your market advantage. That’s why, as our teams put their skills to work to deliver the finest custom fabricated stainless steel equipment and systems, we are the strongest link in your chain of production.

Constant Communication and Accountability 

For us, it is a point of pride that, even during the many challenges of a pandemic and required social distancing, we were able to maintain and even expand our manufacturing resources and capacity for throughput.  And worked to minimize interruptions and delays, even the design-built projects that require an extra level of communication and cooperation with our clients.

We took to remote options and virtual communications to ensure a seamless transition to manufacturing with social distancing in place. 

There were a lot of uncertainties at the beginning of the pandemic, but to continue our manufacturing schedule was a top priority for us.

We recognize that our customers place a great deal of trust in us, and we’ve never lost sight of that as we work through every stage of the customer journey. As we’ve demonstrated, our customers’ entire projects are managed by Anderson Dahlen, from initial design through final, assembly, shipment, and installation.

At Anderson Dahlen, our resources become our customer’s resources. And it’s through communication and accountability practiced at every level of our organization that helps ensure our ongoing success. 

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