If you need custom stainless steel industrial mixers of virtually any type, we can provide what you need. Integrated design and manufacturing services in our Minnesota plant can deliver one mixer, multiple copies of the same design, or a fully integrated system complete with factory acceptance testing and assembly in your plant.

Manufacturing industrial mixers for a wide range of industries including biopharma, food processing, chemical, plastics, paint and coatings, cosmetics, and others. Your engineers will find a knowledgeable and experienced design team that can convert your specifications into a design that can be manufactured easily and will provide reliable operation in your unique application based on:

  • Any ASME requirements
  • Industry requirements and operating environment considerations
  • Dimensions and depth enabled to generate the needed flow pattern
  • Drive motor
  • Process specifics of loading, sealing, or FDA requirements

Anderson Dahlen has been manufacturing stainless steel industrial mixers for over 20 years. Your custom mixer requirements are our challenge and we always deliver on what we promise.


Anderson Dahlen Manufactures Custom Mixer Sizes To Meet Your Requirements

Mixers require meeting widely different specifications depending on the exact application in the client’s manufacturing process. They can cover sizes from a few gallons up to over 5,000 gallons. For biopharma and food processing, the hygiene requirements can be extremely high. ASME and FDA requirements must often be met, requiring a design team with expertise in these challenging environments.


If you need an end-to-end system provider, we offer:

    • Design engineering:
      • Concept generation
      • Process flow design and development
      • P&ID development
    • Technology & Fabrication:
      • Controls
      • Equipment design
      • Fabrication
    • Testing & Install
      • Start up and commissioning

Custom Agitator Mixing Vessels


Dual Agitator Mix Vessel

For mixing and blending high viscose fluid with particulate. Our dual mix tank works by providing pumping action to provide product turnover while the counter rotating sweep arms scrape the heat transfer surface and create turbulence.


Turbine Agitator Mix Vessel

For mixing and blending powders into low viscous fluid for particulate suspension. Our turbine mix tank works by providing pumping action to provide product turnover and can also create a vortex to entrain powders into liquid faster than a contemporary prop style mixer.


Prop Agitator Mix Vessel

For light mixing and blending low viscous fluid to aid heat transfer. Our prop mix tank works by providing moderate gentle pumping action to provide product turnover.

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Anderson Dahlen is an ISO-9001:2015 certified company that custom manufactures advanced equipment & solutions to make organizations deliver better products, faster.

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