Anderson Dahlen Provides Critical Parts And Services To Food Processors

Posted on: April 28, 2020
As the impacts of COVID-19 have expanded into the nation’s food processing supply chain, Anderson Dahlen continues to be an important resource for keeping food manufacturing processes running with spare parts and repairs. The empty grocery store shelves are shifting now from paper products to the meat section as major processors all over the country are shutting down plants. Our national news has focused on Smithfield plant closings. But others are being disrupted as well. Tyson Foods announced this week that they were shutting down their largest pork processing plant. Chicken processing in Maryland is at reduced capacity. As these plants shut down, there is increased pressure on others to stay in operation, keep the machinery running, and fill as much of the demand as possible. Anderson Dahlen uniquely combines engineering and fabrication of custom components and equipment with the distribution of sanitary products and repair services. We are a Platinum Channel Partner for SPX Flow (Waukesha Cherry-Burrell, APV); and an authorized distributor for a wide range of food processing equipment from Graco, Alfa Laval, Anderson-Negele, Delevan, Ace Sanitary and others.
  • Anderson Dahlen is a SPX Flow Certified Service and Repair Center based on our wide range of capabilities and quality repairs.
  • If you need replacement products – pumps, valves, heat exchangers. Or OEM certified sanitary components and replacement parts, we likely have it in stock and ready to ship.
When plants can’t afford downtime and process reliability is critical. Having your pumps and valves certified facility becomes critical. Anderson Dahlen is in a position to offer fast turnaround on critical repairs, spare parts, or new components. Our fully stocked and equipped repair facility uses OEM parts for maximum reliability and full testing to ensure you get an operational pump or component back that’s ready to go in your process. Our certified repair center can:
  • Reduce your downtime
  • Avoid downtime by servicing or providing back-up units
  • Insure against failures by using the highest quality OEM-certified replacement parts
  • Lower lead times for spare parts
  • Warranty your repairs

Certified Repair Center Services

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell PUMP REPAIR General Services:
  • Generate a Pump Condition Report
  • Check Clearances
  • Replace Elastomers
  • Inspect Grease and Oil Seals
  • Replace Product Seals
  • Replace Oil
  • Inspect Gear Case Bearings
  • Grease Bearings
Waukesha Cherry-Burrell/SPX Flow Rebuilding Services:
  • Replace Rotors and Gears
  • Replace Bearings and Shafts
  • Replace Grease and Oil Seals
  • Sandblast and Repaint Gear Case

Give us a call and let us help get you back in operation ASAP!