Anderson Dahlen Supports Development of New Chamber Design for Surface Engineering Group

Posted on: December 6, 2016

As customers continue to push the limits of throughput, coating durability, and system uptime, Surface Engineering Group (SEG) has begun working towards a more efficient coating tool design. In early 2016, SEG partnered with Anderson Dahlen to further improve the chamber design for their large, tool-coating PVD systems. Engineers at Anderson Dahlen and SEG worked together to design a replacement door for a vacuum chamber being used by a key customer for high temperature cathodic arc deposition. The more extreme temperatures required a better cooling solution than had been incorporated in the original chamber door. SEG and ADI engineers provided a full-flood, water jacket door design, that has since been expanded to encompass full-flood cooling on new chamber designs, as well as complete sets of internal deposition shields.


3D solid model of a full flood chamber designed for the Surface Engineering Group

Surface Engineering Group (SEG) was founded in 2002 by Shannon Bosak and Gene Soderberg. With over 65 years of combined experience developing and operating PVD systems, the founders have built over 200 systems with a worldwide install base. The majority of the systems utilize the latest cathodic-arc technology for the deposition of TiN, TiCN, AlTiN, CrN, AlCrN and other films, typically used in the wear and decorative coatings sector. SEG has also developed custom sputtering and dual-process tools for a number of companies and universities, for both research and production.

Two examples of custom cathodic arc equipment designed and developed by the Surface Engineering Group.


A major application of SEG’s technology is to solve wear problems for their customers while “consistently providing the most equipment value per dollar with consistently high reliability and quality”.

bits-lrgAs customers like SEG continue to grow, Anderson Dahlen is capable of providing full design and contract manufacturing services to allow small businesses to remain nimble and accommodate rapid growth. With the recent expansion to our Ramsey, MN facility, Anderson Dahlen and its subsidiary (Applied Vacuum Technology) have over 250,000 ft2 of manufacturing space available to help build chambers, modules, and tools when our customers need additional capacity.


Anderson Dahlen is a full-service contract manufacturer for custom fabricated stainless steel products, equipment and process systems. Our high quality equipment and fabrication services are utilized by companies in a wide variety of industries, and our custom stainless steel products are in service globally for some of the largest and most well-known companies in the world. No matter what the project or application, our custom contract-manufacturing services will meet or exceed your expectations.


SEG is a leading supplier of vacuum coating equipment.  Our surface enhancing technology is used around the world by large and small companies to enhance the products they sell and solve wear problems for their customers.  Our mission is to consistently provide the most equipment value per dollar with consistently high reliability and quality.


Surface Engineering Group specializes in manufacturing cathodic arc PVD equipment and sputtering process systems.  Whether it is refurbishing an old coating system or designing a new system to your specifications, SEG has a solution for you.

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