Certified Repair Center for SPX Flow/Waukesha Cherry-Burrell

Posted on: September 22, 2016

spx-wakeusha-cherry-service-center-logoOur certified distributor network provides quick maintenance turnaround on positive displacement pumps and single and double seat valves.

The Certified Service and Repair Center program is designed to ensure that all repair work completed on-site meets the same standards that are in place at all of our manufacturing facilities. Distributors with certified status are required to complete rigorous program requirements, including:

  • Passage of in-depth, hands-on product training led by SPX FLOW technical product experts
  • Purchase of specialty tools required for maintenance procedures
  • Managed inventory levels of spare parts to ensure quick turn-around times
  • Completion of annual audit to verify proper inventory, equipment, and quality procedures are in place.

Finally, the certification requirements must be completed every three years and all personnel must be retrained and retested to the latest service and repair procedures.

Certified Repair Centers provide significant benefits to local pump and valve operators:

  • Reduced cost of product ownership
  • Minimized shipping expenses
  • Increased product uptime
  • Expedited warranty process
  • Reduced lead time for repairs and parts

The SPX FLOW Factory Certified Service & Repair Center program brings service experts closer to the customer for more efficient, effective customer support.

Certified Repair Center Services

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell PUMP REPAIR
General Services:
  • Generate a Pump Condition Report
  • Check Clearances
  • Replace Elastomers
  • Inspect Grease and Oil Seals
  • Replace Product Seals
  • Replace Oil
  • Inspect Gear Case Bearings
  • Grease Bearings
Waukesha Cherry-Burrell/SPX Flow
Rebuilding Services:
  • Replace Rotors and Gears
  • Replace Bearings and Shafts
  • Replace Grease and Oil Seals
  • Sandblast and Repaint Gear Case

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell VALVE REPAIR

Rebuilding Services:
  • Replace Elastomers
  • Replace Seat Seals (including Tef-Flow P)
  • Replace Guide Bearings
  • Actuator Rebuild
  • Reversing Actuator Spring Action
  • Valve Seat and Adapter Conversions
  • Control Top Modifications and Conversions
General Services:
  • Valve / Actuator Diagnostics
  • Stroke Verification and Adjustments
  • Tolerance Verification
  • Stem Torque Verification and Setting
  • Surface Finish Inspection and Repair

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