We are continually expanding our fabrication capabilities

Posted on: May 7, 2019

An expansive range of the latest equipment + a team of craftsmen, technicians, and engineers are just the start of our in-house fabrication resources.

We are the industry leader when it comes to:

  • Oversized and complex projects
  • Stringent Quality: critical finish, tight tolerances, and complete documentation
  • OEM contract manufacturing with production runs from ones to hundreds
  • Engineering and design services, outstanding customer support

Check out the links below to get the newest information on how we can help with your stainless steel fabrication.

CNC Machining

A one-stop shop for large projects that require parts to be fabricated from raw plate and bar, then welded and machined prior to assembly.


Cutting & Forming

Precision waterjet and laser metal cutting to produce highly complex forms for custom designs with high efficiencies and precision.



80 Certified Welders, Two AWS Certified Level II and 7 Total Weld Inspectors; Over 400 Welding Procedures; Full Certification and Documentation.

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