COVID-19 May Create a Sea Change in Migrating Manufacturing Back to USA Companies from China

Posted on: March 13, 2020

The COVID-19 virus is wreaking havoc with our economy and confidence in public health for the short term. It is a threatening illness for us personally. It’s also a severe interruption to travel, events and businesses globally.

We at Anderson Dahlen are empathetic to this negative impact on individuals, groups, and corporations, and we have developed and implemented a response plan and will continue to monitor and adjust our plan as the situation changes.

For our Customers, We are not at this time seeing any interruptions in schedules or in the availability of materials or commercial items. We will communicate with our customers any changes that might affect existing projects.

This too shall pass, is a reliable bit of advice. And we are certain there will be a full recovery. With our health, travel and other activities returning to normal. That said, there will be a lasting impact from this virus. And many business experts are forecasting a migration of manufacturing from China back to the USA. Here is a great read to continue the conversation from Forbes Magazine: COVID-19 May Be Delivering A Local Manufacturing Renaissance

We are proud to be manufacturing in Minnesota and will keep working hard to serve customers here in the USA.


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