D4 mix proof now available in large pipeline sizes for increased flow and capacity

Posted on: September 11, 2020

SPX FLOW has expanded the options available on our latest generation of D4 Series double seat mix proof valves. The D4 non-seat lift (NSL) and seat lift (SL) types are now available in the following larger sizes:

  • 6” OD tube
  • DN125 and DN150 metric (APV only)
  • 4” and 6” IPS Schedule 5 pipe (WCB only)

These valves are available for selection and quoting with the popular options already available on the D4 using our pricing and configuration tools such eSales. Options include mixed pipe sizes (example: 6” lower and 4” upper), CU4 Series control units, and upper shaft flush for enhanced cleanability.

The expanded sizes provide users with improved handling of low viscosity fluids with high flow rates as well as high viscosity fluids with low flow rates. Application examples include:

  • Silo or tanker unloading for raw milk or orange juice
  • Beer, beverage or water/CIP chemical transfer
  • Filling machines for processed foods (hummus, meat/protein paste) or personal care (lotions, toothpaste)

The larger D4 valves have similar features to standard sizes including those most beneficial for demanding high flow, large pipeline applications, including:

Fully hydraulically balanced shafts (as standard) to allow:

  • reliable and flexible flow in either direction (top-to-bottom / bottom-to-top) without water hammering
  • resistance against pressure spikes
  • prevention of hydraulic blocking
  • Vent cavity spray (as standard) to enhance cleaning at no additional costs