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Posted on: May 23, 2018

Anderson Dahlen, Inc. is a certified ASME pressure vessel manufacturer and a premier stainless steel and specialty alloy fabricator, specializing in custom fabrication for a number of industries – Food, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Vacuum. With over 80 certified welders on staff and over 400 qualified weld procedures, we offer the quality you demand for your most critical weldments.


By using the Fronius GMAW processes and TPS/I equipment we’ve been able to increase our production speeds by three times compared to previous output, especially with automated welding. One such automated application required vacuum chambers fabricated of 304 stainless steel. Each vessel, chamber, and chamber door were welded on the turntable with the TPS/i. The project was completed faster than usual due to a lack of repair work and a decrease in down-time. “I couldn’t believe how many quality welds we could make at a time, and without going through as many consumables,” said Stokes. “That’s really the root of what we fell in love with, that consistency.”

Their plans for increasing their automated welding include purchasing more TPS/i welders, and modifying some of their current equipment to work with the Fronius machines.“We’re getting ready to run seven gauge stainless tanks on our manipulator with the Fronius torches. Previously, with competitor machines, it took at least two passes at low travel speeds to do these tanks, one on the inside and one on the outside. We’re hoping to complete this application in one pass and triple the travel speed. That will go a long way for the bottom line.”

Certified In-House Welding Services

  • Our team is trained to review and manage the most sophisticated welding requirements, which often require documented processes, certified welders, and complex inspections.
  • We have the systems and procedures in place to meet the most strict procedure compliance requirements.
  • We are proficient in the MIG, TIG, Submerged Arc, and Plasma arc welding process.
  • With over 80 certified welders on staff and over 400 qualified weld procedures on file we can offer you the quality you demand for your most critical weldments.
  • We specialize in certified welding services to the capital equipment market for the past 30 years.
  • We have developed a team of trained professionals who are qualified in a variety of both AWS and ASME weld procedures.
  • We have two full time AWS certified level II weld inspectors on staff.

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