Is Your Pump Still Compliant?

Posted on: January 10, 2019

Maintaining 3-A Compliance

Did you know that altering or repairing SPX FLOW pumps in the field using non-genuine OEM parts may not only void their warranty*, but may also alter their 3-A and EHEDG certification status? All components used within SPX FLOW high-performance pumps are precisely engineered and tested so that customers can realize maximum efficiency, reliability, and clean-ability.

Even though original spare parts may cost more than non-branded replacements, they are designed to protect your pump, your process, and to minimize your total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the equipment.

Quality, performance, and compliance are all factors in selecting the correct technology to ensure profitable production. Genuine SPX FLOW spare parts play a critical role in maintaining and protecting a plant’s performance. The quick savings offered by a “might fit” part may look appealing, but could be costly to your operation in the future due to downtime caused by potential equipment failure or contamination of process fluids.

The goals of 3-A and EHEDG certification are to protect food safety from contamination and to ensure through proper engineering and design that all product surfaces can be mechanically (CIP) cleaned or easily dismantled for manual cleaning (COP).

The 3-A certification further states: “For processors, conforming to 3- A Sanitary Standards means they are in compliance with applicable sanitary codes for equipment construction. Processors also can be assured that with equipment meeting 3-A Sanitary Standards, they can apply the most modern cleaning and sanitizing methods, materials, and systems to in-plant operations.”

Remember 3-A and EHEDG certification testing is only completed on equipment with genuine OEM parts.

Don’t risk the integrity of your product by changing the integrity of your pump. Always order Genuine SPX FLOW Parts. For more information, contact your authorized SPX Flow Distributor or regional salesperson today.

For more information, contact your authorized SPX Flow Distributor or a regional sales person at Anderson Dahlen today.

*Damage caused as a result of utilizing non-OEM parts will not be covered under factory warranty.

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