More Discounts on SPX FLOW Pumps

Posted on: February 12, 2021

SPX FLOW has announced another great discount program on their positive displacement pumps; the PD Pump Trade-In/Up Promotional Campaign. Their Pump for Life Program will stay active (for life). That?s a great deal on the U3 series pumps. Seem more information below or at our article 75th Anniversary U3 Pump Promotion.

The new PD Pump Trade-In/Up discount campaign is for the next few months, through Jun 30, 2021. Trade-in older, in-service WCB sanitary PD pumps and receive an additional 5% discount on your new replacement pump. Trade-up and in-service competitor pump and receive an additional 10% discount on your new replacement pump!

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Trade-Up and Trade-In Details

Program Effective Dates – February 1, 2021 through June 30, 2021
Trade-in (WCB Pump) additional 5% discount on new pump
Trade-up (Competitor Pump) additional 10% discount on new pump

Additional Terms

  1. Additional discount will be provided in the form of a credit, once the pump core has been returned, or proper documentation has been provided that the pump has been destroyed (such as an image of the old/displaced pump showing the serial plate and evidence that the pump has been destroyed
  2. If the pump core was already sent into SPX FLOW under and inspect and advice e program, then the inspect and advise order will be closed with no credit and the new order will be processed with the new discount above.
  3. Trade-Ins and Trade-Ups must be for like models. If the pump being returned is a lesser pump than what?s being ordered, the appropriate lower value credit for core return will be applied.
  4. Trade-Ins can cross pump types. For example, you can purchase a 130 U2/U3 and return a 130 U1 pump.
  5. Pumps must be removed from active service to apply. Program not applicable for remanufactured pumps.
  6. SPX FLOW reserves the right to modify, discontinue, or extend the program based on participant activity. Only one promotional program may be used at a time per transaction.