New SPX FLOW Homogenizer Models 57T and 77T for Reduced Maintenance and Improved Reliability

Posted on: December 10, 2020

SPX FLOW has introduced two new models of homogenizers, the 57T and the 77T. These models replace the existing 57 and 77 units which are still supported and will be for the foreseeable future. The new units are seeing a high level of interest globally.

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These two new models provide new benefits for our food processing customers:

  • They are ergonomically designed to be easy to maintain, with more simple and easy access to key components
  • Offering reduced maintenance through two key features of an oil treatment & filtration system and automatic belt tensioner as standard
  • Reliability is improved with a simplified transmission design and automatic temperature control of the oil cooling system

Key Features Include:

  • Operating controls all placed together
  • High reliability built into the transmission, oil treatment, and low vibration
  • Easy to maintain with easy access, visual indicators, and low height
  • Reduced noise with a balanced low speed crankshaft

These homogenizers are highly customizable with a long list of standard features, optional features, and special options for unique applications where needed.

Offered with two optional valve block housings