SPX Scraped Surface Tube Repair SPECIAL OFFER

Posted on: June 7, 2017

Anderson Dahlen is partnered with SPX Flow to facilitate their “IMPROVED TUBE REFURBISHMENT SERVICE” with their special offer from May 22 to Dec 31 2017 for our USA and Canadian customers.

Offer highlights include:

  • Streamlined process and tracking for quick turn-around times
    • Chrome plated tube 4 weeks & non-chrome tubes 2 weeks
  • Simplified pricing structure for Votator I & II, Thermutator, and APV models
    • $3,175 for chrome plated tubes & $960 for non-chrome tubes
  • Pre-established credits for non-repairable tubes.
    • $500 towards future refurbishment or other Delavan products (limit 5 per tubes per year per end user location)
    • $3,500 towards immediate new stainless steel tube purchase
    • $4,000 towards immediate new chrome nickel tube purchase
  • Tube credits can accumulate for other Delavan product purchases (90 day limit to credit)
  • No inspections fees when SPX refurbishes or supplies new replacements
  • Refurbished tubes carry a one-year warranty from ship date

If you are tired of hearing about low quality, non-ASME rated barrels being supplied for these products and can’t afford the next downtime expense, try this offer! Save money now and realize significantly improved reliability with refurbishment from the professionals at SPX and Anderson Dahlen. Here are some hard hitting questions to see if this is the right program for you.

  • Are you using aftermarket barrels? Are they being reworked, and not recertified? Any barrel that is worked on must be recertified. If yes, your original ASME certification is now void.
  • Having problems with tolerances? Most aftermarket manufacturers do not have the original drawings. They do the best they can to get it close, which often will cause you problems later.
  • Do your seals not last as long anymore? This is the biggest sign of problems, which we see a lot.
  • How good is your warranty? With this offer from SPX, you will get a full 1 year warranty from the original manufacturer with factory parts. Anderson Dahlen and SPX always stand behind our work.

These are just a few of the problems we hear about from customers who tried the aftermarket refurbishment companies and had terrible results. Now you can get first class quality at a special offer price with quick turnaround.

Refurbished tubes will be provided with documentation including hydro testing parameters and tube measurement to comply with the original specifications.

Tubes that don’t pass inspection to both ASME and SPX requirements can be credited to a distributor account for future Devalan purchases.

If requested, SPX Flow will return all tubes that don’t pass inspection with only a $150 per tube inspection fee to cover freight. No credits can be applied for these tubes.

Additional Program Notes

  • Unique tube designs (Oval, snap-ring, welded styles and carbon steel) will need to be evaluaged by SPX and special pricing may apply.
  • Refurbishment that requires welding on the tube or flange will be rejected.
  • SPX does not offer any special tube surface preparations except for polishing and chrome plating.
  • Competitor tubes will not be refurbished but WILL be eligible for credits under this program.

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