Anderson Dahlen offers sales, parts, repair, and design services on all these sanitary centrifugal pumps. We are a distributor for SPXFLOW, Graco, and Alfa Laval.

200 Series Pump

SPXFLOW 200 Series Centrifugal Pump

The SPXFLOW 200 Series Centrifugal pump is the most traditional sanitary pump in the SPXFLOW Waukesha Cherry-Burrell line. It offers excellent quality, great value, and excellent reliability. Its easy to service and offers excellent cleanability.

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SPXFLOW W+ Series Centrifugal Pump

The SPXFLOW (APV Brand) W+ series has the most options and works well in more applications than any other sanitary centrifugal pump in the industrial market. This pump has the front-loading seal options that have become very important for low downtime and reduced life cycle costs. The W+ series has rapidly shown great capability and become a best seller. It is strong competition to the past popular Fristam models. Its more modern technology makes it a clear winner in most application. For customers willing to change, the SPXFLOW W+ series deserves a good look at its improved capabilities.

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SPXFLOW C-Series Centrifugal Pump

The SPXFLOW C-series pump is one of the oldest and most common centrifugal pump for sanitary applications. This is a very cost-effective pump while delivering excellent performance, cleanability, and reliability.

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Alfa Laval LHK Centrifugal Pumps

The Alfa Laval LHK centrifugal pumps were specifically designed for the hygienic requirements of the food, dairy, beverage, and personal care industries. These pumps offer high efficiency and gentle product handling. The robust design with tight tolerances and an advanced impeller design gives it excellent efficiency. Many features for cleanability including an external seal which has become highly desirable. Many options for serviceability, integration into systems, and flow rates, pressures, and other technical specifications.

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Preventative Maintenance Checklist For Positive Displacement Pumps

Implementation of a preventive maintenance plan keeps SPX FLOW products running at optimal levels and protects your product investment. Use this checklist to be sure your pumps run at peak operation.

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