The SPXFLOW W series centrifugal pumps are designed for efficiency. They are based on a unique hydraulic design that allows for the highest hygienic standards with reduced noise and vibration while delivering superior pumping performance.

Key benefits and features include:

  • Reliable and Heavy-Duty Design
  • Energy Efficient
  • Quiet Performance with Minimal Vibration
  • Superior Shaft Seal Design
  • High-Pressure Capability
  • 3-A
  • Designed for CIP as well as SIP
  • Suitable for a Wide Variety of Products
  • Wide Range of Optional Features Available
  • Easy and Cost-Effective Maintenance

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Important Design Features Include

  • Unique APV spiral volute positioned in the backplate of the pump ensures a direct transfer of liquid from the inlet to outlet
  • Advanced, high-efficiency impeller design
  • Extended outlets deliver a smooth transition to process piping while reducing turbulence and preventing product build-up
  • Heavy walled pump casing ensures that efficiency levels are maintained even at high pressure

Shaft seal uniquely designed for hygiene

  • Designed without dead pockets and for frequent exchange of liquid
  • Internal seal design optimizes cooling and lubrication of seal surfaces while the seal chamber is built to efficiently dissipate heat. Both work to reduce risk of dry-running
  • Directed flow assures thorough cleaning of seal area
  • The stationary spring is located outside the product contact area to maintain cleanliness
  • Two sizes cover all models (excl. W+50/600)
  • Front loading seal simplifies maintenance: only the pump housing and impeller have to be disassembled, then the shaft seal can be replaced quickly from the front
  • Can easily be rebuilt into a double mechanical shaft seal for use with water flushing or with a barrier medium for aseptic applications
  • Double mechanical is mirror image of single: same seal faces and o-rings

SPXFLOW W Series Models Available and Specifications

Other W Series Pump Configurations Available:

  • Positive displacement
  • High pressure
  • Inducer
  • Multi-stage
  • Aseptic

Download the Instruction Manual

Your resource for maintenance, parts lists and general operation for the SPXFLOW W+ Series Pump.

Download the W+ Series Pump Manual

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