SPX Flow with its Gaulin series homogenizers is the leader in the technology. Its an art and a science to produce repeatable and reliable homogenization across a wide range of products and operating environments. SPXFLOWs long history with this technology makes it the clear leader in the market.

Custom Process Equipment

With each homogenizer being custom designed to the application, you will really benefit from Anderson Dahlens experience in all the applications, across a wide range of materials, and the whole spectrum of pressures up to 8,700 psi. We can design a new homogenizer into your system, do your predictive maintenance for you, repair a failed unit, or find the exact part you need.

Interesting benefits of the SPX Gaulin Homogenizers:

  • Easy to service and operate
  • Reliable homogenizer operation for the food, dairy, chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries
  • Customized for each application to your needs
  • Over 100 years of experience
  • Ongoing homogenizer research and development to meet the evolving needs of industry

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The Gaulin Homogenizer typically fall into three different pressure ranges which dictate some basic design characteristics.

Low Pressure typically under 3,600psi. Valves are usually stellite alloy or tungsten carbide material. The fluids best processed in these units typically dont contain abrasives, for example wax and grease emulsions.

Medium Pressure from about 3,600psi to around 8,700psi. These applicatins often contain abrasive particles like silicone suspensions, carbon black, and various emulsions. The valves for these applications are generally of stellite alloy, tungsten carbide or ceramic.

High Pressure over 8,700psi. These applications might include cellulose fiber suspension, Titanium Dioxide suspension, bacteria cell disruption and algae cell disruption processes. Valves are usually ceramic though stellite alloy and tungsten carbide are available.

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Learn how SPX Gaulin Homogenizers can work in your processing systems. We are also your parts and repair specialists. We offer design, sales, and repair of all SPX Flow Gaulin homogenizers.

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