The Alfa Laval SRU pump series offers smooth, low-shear pumping performance. It is Alfa Lavals core ECP rotary lobe pump for the gentle handling of sensitive process product within the dairy, food and beverage, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries.

SRU rotary lobe pumps are engineered to provide high reliability, superior efficiency in pumping, and great performance in the most demanding application. If your process requires contamination-proof pumps that can deliver high standards of hygiene, low shear, and low pulsation operation, then the SRU may be the optimum pump for you. CIP and Sterilization-in-Place are both offered with full documentation validating their performance to specifications.

Anderson Dahlen is an Authorized Distributor for Alfa Laval Pumps

Anderson Dahlen is an authorized distributor of Alfa Laval pumps, valves, and heat exchangers. We have extensive experience in pumping system design, pump installation, and pump repairs. We work in a wide range of industries, specializing in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, and industrial. When you need an Alfa Laval flow pump, contact Anderson Dahlen.

Key Sanitary Features Include

  • Defined compression front cover sealing
  • Rotor nut retention design
  • Drainable pump head
  • Ultra-clean surface finishes

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Anderson Dahlen is an authorized distributor for a variety of independent manufacturing companies world-wide, we have the capacity to provide the necessary components for most manufacturing systems.

Key Reliability and Long-Life Features Include:

  • R90 external shaft seal, which may be specified in various materials and configurations in order to ensure the correct shaft seal for the application
  • Alternatively, the SRU can be fitted with Hyclean mechanical seals as well as other seal solutions
  • Offers a wide selection of options, including:
    • Standard and custom seals
    • Heating/cooling saddles and jackets
    • Integrated pressure relief valve and a rectangular inlet for pumping high viscosity fluids

Applications for the Universal 2 pump series include:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Dairy
  • Chemical
  • Industrial

Detailed Specifications for the Alfa Laval SRU Pumps

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