Anderson Dahlen is an Authorized Distributor for SPXFLOW Pumps

The new UTS Universal TS rotary positive displacement twin screw pumps from SPXFLOW Waukesha Cherry-Burrell deliver superior performance to the food and beverage industry for applications where lower suction pressure and high viscosity materials create design challenges.

The new UTS pump series brings the same great reliability you have come to expect from SPX Flow. They are built to deliver a versatile design that will improve your processing time and maximize productivity in challenging high viscous fluid applications.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Reliable performance –Screws made from Waukesha Alloy 88 non-galling material allow the pump to run through incidental contact and reduce risk of pump damage if screws make contact
  • Gentle product handling- Pumps large particulates without degradation
  • Responsive service –Extensive global distribution network with certified repair centers provide quick response times for parts and service
  • Easy maintenance- Front loaded access to product side seals
  • Process flexibility- Low inlet pressure requirement and a wide range of operating speeds allow for multiple duties including process and CIP supply. Bi-directional flow capability without making modifications to the pump.
  • Smooth operation- Reduces slip pulse in low inlet pressure, low viscosity, and high-pressure conditions
  • Reduced noise levels- Operating principle virtually eliminates pressure fluctuations
Universal Twin Screw Pump


Applications for the Universal TS pumps goes beyond food and beverage. They are ideal for use with high viscosity fluids. Major industry applications include:

With its high suction capability, the Universal TS Series pumps are both process and CIP capable. This allows you to reduce the number of valves, pumps, and control systems to reduce complexity which will reduce initial and total life-cycle costs for your process system.

You can customize the pitch of the pump screws to develop a wide range of capacities, flow rates, pressures and particle sizes. Anderson Dahlen is an authorized distributor of the new SPXFLOW Universal TS pumps and can help you design the right pump for your system application. There three screw pitch options?:

Universal Twin Screw Pump - Pitch options

Wide pitch

For applications requiring lower pressures with higher flow rates or a need to accommodate larger particulates.

Midrange pitch

Offers a balance in pressure and flow velocities between the larger and smaller screw profiles?.

Narrow pitch

For applications requiring higher pressures with lower flow rates.

Universal Twin Screw Pump

Key sanitary features include:

  • CIP capability standard. Pump body and cover are free draining
  • Screw/shaft connection sealed from product zone
  • Single and Double mechanical seal options
  • All models include seal flush ports for optional double seal
  • Steam-In-Place capable
  • Stainless steel gear case standard
Universal Twin Screw Pump

Detailed Specifications for the UTS Series Twin Screw Pumps

Universal Twin Screw Pump Chart

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