Waukesha Cherry-Burrell and Anderson Dahlen have been working together for years to integrated positive displacement pumps into food processing and pharmaceutical processes. The SPX Flow brand of positive displacement pumps benefit from decades of continuing product improvement.

Features and Benefits of the new Universal Lobe Series positive displacement pumps include:

  • Free draining cover in horizontal or vertical port position
  • Rotor/shaft connection sealed from product zone
  • Non-galling Waukesha “88” alloy rotors
  • Mechanical seals standard; single or flushed double seals optional
  • Optional steam-in-place and seal flush
  • 316 stainless steel pump body and cover; 316L pump body optional
  • Additional options: jacketed cover, steam-in-place and seal flush, stainless steel bearing frame, electropolish of product contact surfaces
  • Maximum pressure: 200-300 psi (13.8-20.7 bar), depending on model
  • Temperature range: -40 F (-40 C) to 300 F (149 C)

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Anderson Dahlen is an authorized distributor for a variety of independent manufacturing companies world-wide, we have the capacity to provide the necessary components for most manufacturing systems.

SPX Flow and Anderson Dahlen, as a distributor, partner for the integration of their new Universal Lobe Pumps for sanitary applications in food processing and pharmaceutical industries. These pumps were designed to reduce installation costs, particularly in CIP applications.

Though lower in initial cost, these are still very reliable, heavy duty pumps. They have incorporated the new technology for greatly improved sanitary performance with long pump life for lower life-cycle costs. All these pumps can operate in extreme conditions up to 300 degrees F and 300 psi.

Additionally, the Universal Lobe Pump Series incorporates the Universal II gear case with 3-way mounting flexibility. This arrangement provides a full range of seal and port options and has

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Your resource for maintenance, parts lists and general operation for the SPXFLOW Universal Lobe Series Positive Displacement Pump.

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