SPXFLOWs Newest Addition Twin Screw Pumps for Large Particulate Processing

Waukeshas new Universal Twin Screw Pumps offer smooth, reliable operation through a wide range of process material. Anderson Dahlen is a major distributor of these new pumps. We have repair capability already in place for your future needs. See us for designing these new flexible pumps into your processing system.

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Anderson Dahlen is an authorized distributor for a variety of independent manufacturing companies world-wide, we have the capacity to provide the necessary components for most manufacturing systems.

Screw Pump Key Benefits Include:

  • Gentle product handling over a wide range of particulate sizes and operating parameters
  • Reliable performance with non-galling Alloy 88 screws that can easily withstand touching of the screws
  • Easy inspection and maintenance through front loading inspection panels
  • Tremendous process flexibility makes your design simpler
    • Low minimum inlet pressure
    • Wide range of operating speeds
    • Great for CIP supply
    • Bi-directional flow with zero pump modifications
  • Smooth operation with reduced slip pulse under extreme operating conditions
  • Low noise with almost no pressure fluctuations

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Four Models offer capacities from 70 gal/min to 1,220 gal/min. Up to 1.75 particulate size at 2000 rpm and 375 psi max operating pressure.

Contact Us to learn more about how these pumps can revolutionize your processing systems. We offer design, sales, and repair of all Waukesha Cherry Burrell processing pumps including these newest models of twin screw pumps.

Download the Instruction Manual

Your resource for maintenance, parts lists and general operation for the SPXFLOW Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Universal Twin Screw Pump.

Download the Universal Twin Screw Pump Manual

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