The W70 series product line of mix Proof valves provide safe separation of dissimilar products within the same valve body. The W72RS Series features a radial seal seat design for minimal spillage of products when opening and closing.

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Features & Benefits

Safe, Continuous Production and Cleaning:
  • Proven mix proof valve design allows plants to maximize production and minimize downtime for cleaning
  • Radial seal (RS) design on lower stem minimizes spillage of product to drain during opening and closing for critical product applications in highly sanitary environments
Robust and Durable:
  • Compression seat design on upper stem provides long seat life and reliability
  • WCBs signature machined-from-bar bodies and components offer a robust and reliable valve solution
  • Consistently thick body wall dimensions & laser welded port extensions mini-mize body distortion during manifolding & extreme fluid temperature changes
  • Balanced design for resistance to hydraulic shock

W70 Mix Proof Seat Clean Movement Adjustment

Download the Instruction Manual

Your resource for maintenance, parts lists and general operation for the SPXFLOW W70 Series Valve.

Download the W70 Series Valve Manual

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