Precision components for UHV assembly

Posted on: May 2, 2018

More than 90% of the products produced by Applied Vacuum Technology involve custom machining or critical welding. Our Engineers and Technicians are experts in both, and we are ready to help with your unique requirements.

Custom Machining: The Applied Vacuum Division produced the chamber and components used to construct an Ion Transfer Stage, in which ions passing through the chamber are focused by the optical components and then deposited. This module is used on systems for mass spectrometry, as well as molecular deposition of materials in high and ultra-high vacuum. AVT was able to respond to an aggressive schedule and provide parts with excellent characteristics.

“Just wanted to tell you guys thank you for all your help with this job. We assembled the pieces last week and I was very impressed. Everything fit very well, nice finishes, threads all good – high quality work. We appreciate it very much! Best regards, Mark”

Mark Anthony – Engineering Manager
Elion Systems, Austin, TX

Critical Welding: The Applied Vacuum Division commonly produces UHV chambers with extended lengths (to 96" or longer). Critical tolerances for ports along the length of the chamber can necessitate post-weld operations which add significant difficulty and cost to such chambers. Recently we qualified a process to build these assemblies by seam-welding 2 halves. Tolerances on weld ports, surface finish of the main body, weld-upset at the seam, and all critical features were maintained with excellent results… and lower cost.

The Applied Vacuum Division offers years of engineering and manufacturing experience for high and ultra-high (UHV) chambers and components used in applications such as surface analysis, mass spectroscopy, epitaxial and thin film deposition, feedthroughs, sputter ion pumps, and accelerator beam lines. Our manufacturing and quality systems are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA-1).