Certified in a Wide Range of Advanced Stainless Steel Techniques

Our team is trained to produce high quality, sophisticated welding to the most demanding specifications of quality and documentation. We lower your risk in those projects where you demand documented processes, certified welders, and complex inspections. Our experience in nuclear power, pressure vessel, and high-pressure piping manufacturing will ensure your complex project is a success.

We have the people, systems, and procedures in place to meet the strictest procedure compliance requirements. Anderson Dahlen is proficient in the MIG, TIG, Submerged Arc, and Plasma arc welding process across a wide range of material thicknesses and configurations.

80 Certified Welders, Over 400 Welding Procedures, and Two FULL TIME AWS Certified Level II Weld Inspectors

With over 80 certified welders on staff and over 400 qualified weld procedures on file we can offer you the quality you demand your most critical weldments.

Anderson Dahlen has specialized in certified welding services to the capital equipment market for the past 30 years. We have developed a team of trained professionals who are qualified in a variety of both AWS and ASME weld procedures. We also have two full-time AWS certified level II weld inspectors on staff.

Anderson Dahlen, Inc. is a certified ASME pressure vessel manufacturer. We hold the U, R and UM stamps. We have qualified procedures for a wide variety of materials including but not limited to carbon steel, aluminum alloys, stainless steels, and other high nickel alloys. From straight-forward in position fillet and butt welds to complex out of position welding, Anderson Dahlen, Inc. has the qualifications and systems in place to meet your most demanding welding expectations.

You can trust your next welding project to the skilled craftsmen of Anderson Dahlen

Many of the projects we take on also have special finishing requirements. We have a full-service metal finishing department capable of producing a variety of finishes on stainless weldments. We have customers in the food, pharmaceutical, and biomedical industries that rely on Anderson Dahlen, Inc. for their most critical finishes. We can produce a sanitary finish on stainless weldments that meet the USDA standards of a 32ra ($4 finish) and we can meet the BPE standard of 8 ra (mirror finish) as well.

Stainless Steel Welding Equipment

  • XRF Analyzer for Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  • Conventional & phased array ultrasonic flaw detection
  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • 5 AWS Certified Weld Inspectors (CWI)
  • Liquid dye penetrant inspection
  • Radiography (subcontracted)
  • Borescope inspection of process tubing and vessels
  • Portable FaroArm Inspection
  • CMM Inspection
  • UT Inspection

Inspection Equipment & Checks

To ensure 100% customer satisfaction and quality, we take inspection seriously. Beyond ongoing inspections of welding and in-process checks, we have a dedicated part of the shop designed for ensuring accuracy and product quality.

Equipment Information

Longitudinal Seam Welding

  • (1) Jetline Capacity .375in thick. Stainless Steel 250.00in

Sub Arc Welder

  • (1) Lincoln 1000 amp on Jetline 12? x 12? manipulator

TIG Welders

  • (35) Miller 250 amp ac/dc Syncrowave
  • (5) Miller 300 amp ac/dc Syncrowave
  • (8) Miller 350 amp ac/dc Syncrowave
  • (2) CK Worldwide WF-3 Cold-wire TIG
  • (10) 150amp-200amp Maxstar portable
  • (3) Miller 500 amp ac/dc Syncrowave
  • (4) Dynasty 350 amp

MIG Welders

  • (30) Miller 350 amp pulse (4) Miller 450 amp

Vibratory Stress Reliever

  • (1) Meta-Lax 700

Orbital Welder

  • (1) Arc Machines Model 207A, .25in tube with low profile weld head

Sanitary tube saw

  • (3) Orbitalum/George Fischer

Stud Welders

  • (2) Nelweld 4000 up to 1? diameter studs. (1) Erico Jones PW1000 capacitor discharge

Spot Welder

  • (1) Peer 50KVA

Plasma Cutting

  • (3) Thermal Dynamics 2.50in capacity

Flame Cutting

  • (7) Smith Hand held torch assy.

Welding Positioners

  • (20) UP TO 10,000 lb. capacity

Turning Rolls

  • (10) sets up to 30,000 lb x 12 foot diameter capacity

Contact us for additional information on any of these supporting areas:

  • QA
  • Cleanliness
  • Inspection
  • Documentation and Material Traceability
  • CAD Design support
  • Assembly
  • Material Handling
  • Packaging
  • Heat Treatment
  • Custom Metal Procurement
  • Metal Finishing
  • Paint and Power Coating
  • Blasting
  • Delivery Vehicles


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