Anderson Dahlen, Inc. manufactures a wide variety of storage and process vessels for the food processing, food manufacturing, beverage, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries including:

  • ASME Pressure vessels with Section VIII Division 1 certification
  • Dimple heat transfer jacketed tanks with ASME Section VIII Division 1 certification
  • Large storage vessels
  • Vessels for custom mixing and blending
  • Portable reactors and mix tanks
  • Custom vertical mixers
  • Horizontal blenders and mixers

Customized to your needs with mixing and blending elements built in

Anderson Dahlens horizontal blenders, vertical mixers, horizontal mixers, and other custom mixing and blending tanks are designed to perform a variety of tasks with a variety of products. We build single and double agitator blending and mixing vessels in a number of different configurations.


Advanced Stainless Steel Vessels

We also manufacture a range of other components that make up part of your storage and processing system. Anderson Dahlen can fabricate custom components to meet your needs including: high pressure ASME vessels, steam jacketed equipment, day bins, spiral let downs, enrobers, or other specialized equipment.

To find out more regarding our storage and process vessels, contact us! Our ASME pressure vessels are high quality process tanks designed for a variety of demanding applications.

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Anderson Dahlen is an ISO-9001:2015 certified company that custom manufactures advanced equipment & solutions to make organizations deliver better products, faster.