The New Waukesha Twin Screw Pump “TS Series”

Posted on: March 23, 2017

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell’s new twin screw pump TS series will provide a long list of advantages starting with eliminating extra pumps, valves and controls from your process design. Installation in a new or existing processing system will be easy, particularly with help from Anderson Dahlen.

The Waukesha twin screw TS series pumps both product and CIP without the extra components of a normal CIP system. Delivers high suction pressure for optimum flexibility of process design. Lowers up-front costs and dramatically improves reliability with less complex system parts.

These new twin screw pumps offer unique features and advancements in viscous product processes.

  • Gentle – Pumps large particulate without changing the composition
  • Reliable – Waukesha reliability with rotors of Alloy – 88 for reduced potential for galling of the rotors touch
  • USA – manufactured here in the USA for quality and quick shipment from stock
  • Easy Maintenance – easy front access to side seals gets you back online fast when needed
  • Flexibility – wide range of operating parameters including low inlet pressure capability and a wide range of speeds. Pump is bi-directional with no modifications needed.
  • Smooth – no slip pulse in low inlet pressure conditions
  • Reduced Noise – quieter just based on the basic design of the pump

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Contact Anderson Dahlen now for an early look at the new Waukesha Cherry Burrell twin screw TS Series pumps. We can help you design your new process around this innovative twin screw pump.

From custom engineered to expansion, you can count on Anderson Dahlen as your partner

Anderson Dahlen is able to expand your existing system with customized equipment that includes a wide variety of components including pumps like the new Waukesha TS series.

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