Delavan Spray Nozzles & Parts

Enhance Your Equipment with Our Nozzles

Delavan’s extensive range of advanced spray nozzles and parts ensures your machinery is prepared for any project, enhancing performance and reliability.

Combo Swirl / End Plate
Delavan® 1/4″ NPT Rain Drop #10 Spray Nozzle.
Delavan® 3/8 WRM POLY Spray Nozzle
Mini SDX™ 1/4″ NPTF Adaptor
Mini SDX™ Nozzle Body
Mini SDX™ Orifice Discs
Mini SDX™ Seal Kit Viton™ (FKM) (24 PK)
Mini SDX™ Swirl Chambers
SDX™ Hard Fiber Seal Kits (10 PK)
SDX™ 1/2″ Female Adaptor
SDX™ Aluminum Body Seal
SDX™ Aluminum Orifice Seal
SDX™ End Plates
SDX™ III End Plate – TC
SDX™ III Silicone Seal Kit (10 PK)
SDX™ Nozzle Body 316L
SDX™ Nylon Body Seal
SDX™ Nylon Orifice Seal
SDX™ Nylon Seal Kit (10 PK)
SDX™ Orifice Discs
SDX™ Screw Pin
SDX™ Teflon Orifice Seal
SDX™ V Orifice Disc
SDX™ V Seal Kit Viton™ (FKM) (12 PK)
SDX™ V Swirl Chamber SD – TC
Swirl Chambers