Graco SaniForce Sanitary Piston Pumps

Graco SaniForce Sanitary Piston Pumps are ideal for most food-related, pharmaceutical, and high-viscosity applications. The SaniForce 12:1 sanitary piston pump has flow rates up to 8.5 gpm (32 lpm) and a maximum viscosity up to 1,000,000 cps when mounted on a drum or bin unloader. Other models offer a range of flow rate capacity and viscosity capabilities.

Technical Specifications Include:

Saniforce 12:1 Transfer Pump

Saniforce 2:1 Sanitary Piston Pump

Saniforce 5:1 Sanitary Transfer Pump

Saniforce 6:1 Sanitary Piston Pump

Graco Offers Unique Features in Sanitary Piston Pumps

Pump Peanut Butter as Easy as Pie with These Versatile Workhorses of the Food Industry.

A leader in sanitary applications, Graco has designed these SaniForce pumps with sanitary flanges, quick knockdown connections, and an FDA-compliant shroud for the air motor, which makes cleaning and sanitization a breeze. The drum unloader and bin evacuation systems are also designed to help protect the ingredients from external contamination and bacteria because the follower plate and inflatable seal come in contact with all sides of the bin or drum, keeping the product covered during transfer.

SaniForce Sanitary Piston Pump Models Available and Specifications