Sanitary Fittings & Gaskets

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Discover Anderson Dahlen’s wide selection of crucial sanitary fittings and gaskets to keep your industrial products at peak performance. Explore our catalog of ready-to-order items today!

13H Bevel Seat Hex Nuts
13IS Wing Nut Clamps
14PRF Bevel Seat Short Weld Ferrules
14WI-CB I-Line Welding Ferrule Male
14WLMP Buttweld Ferrules
15TRF Bevel Seat Threaded Ferrule Shortwelds
15WI-CB I-Line Welding Ferrule Female
2CW 90 Degree Buttweld Elbows
2KW 45 Degree Buttweld Elbows
31WT Concenteric Weld Reducers
32W Eccentric Weld Reducers
40IE EPDM I-Line Gaskets
40IH Buna I-Line Gaskets
40IT PTFE I-Line Gaskets
40IV FKM I-Line Gaskets
40MP-GR – PTFE/EPDM Envelope Gaskets
40MPE EPDM Tri-Clamp® Gaskets
40MPG PTFE Tri-Clamp Gaskets
40MPG PTFE Tri-Clamp® Gaskets
40MPU Buna Tri-Clamp® Gaskets
40MPU-BUZ-XR BUNA Detectomers®
40MPU-W BUNA Tri-Clamp® Gaskets
40MPX-W Silicone Tri-Clamp® Gaskets
40MPY FKM Tri-Clamp® Gaskets
40MPY FKM Tri-Clamp® Gaskets
7W Buttweld Tees
Buna 22″ O-ring ADI Door Gasket
Buna Metal Detectable O-Rings