Anderson Dahlen has more than 4 decades of experience in custom metal fabrication. Our capabilities for metal forming, large capacity machining, and welding expertise are ideal for manufacturing chambers and related products for vacuum process equipment. Our customers represent a wide spectra of applications including:

  • Industrial Vacuum Furnaces & Thermal Test (Space Sim)
  • High Vacuum Chambers for advanced deposition processes
  • Ultra-High Vacuum equipment for research applications

We are capable of producing everything from moderate vacuum for industrial vacuum furnaces and similar processes, to high vacuum chambers used in advanced deposition process systems. With everything under one roof, we can manufacture for less, while retaining complete control over production and quality, giving you a better vacuum solution, at a lower cost. From engineering to quality checks, we can roll, cut, mill, weld, and everything in-between to deliver the exact equipment your project requires.

Custom Welding

The Applied Vacuum Division has been perfecting weld designs and welding techniques for nearly 30 years. Critical welding for ultra-high vacuum vessels, chambers and assemblies is the essence of our business. We inspect every weld and leak test every assembly to assure mechanical and vacuum integrity.

304L stainless steel is the recommended material for most vacuum applications. And our vacuum welding experts commonly fabricate assemblies using vacuum heat-treated (VAR or ESR) stainless alloys including 316L. We also have plenty of experience with other stainless alloys such as 316LN, Mumetal (for magnetic shielding), and numerous other specialty metals.

The Applied Vacuum Division is ISO 9001:2015 and Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA-1) certified. With a full-time American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector on staff, our quality is second to none.

Chamber Manufacturing

The Applied Vacuum Division has significant equipment and capacity for manufacturing custom chambers, weldments, flanges and precision components. We also have ample space for expanding our business by adding equipment and capabilities necessary to support our customers.

In-House Vacuum Manufacturing & Fabricating Capabilities:

We have established suppliers for more extensive processing capabilities depending upon your requirements: Vacuum heat treating, Electro-polishing, and other critical services can be provided and controlled by Applied Vacuum Division (many of these suppliers are local). Our parent company, Anderson Dahlen Inc, offers additional engineering resources and equipment capabilities for large chambers, pressure vessels, and equipment assembly. They also have extensive sheet-metal and stainless forming capabilities.

stainless steel fabrication equipment

Technologically Advanced Equipment & Facilities

The latest CNC mills to some of the largest machining equipment, if it can be engineered, we can build it.

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Custom Machining

Applied Vacuum Division offers custom machining services utilizing the latest in design software and CNC equipment. Our range of CNC milling and lathe equipment offer significant capacity and flexibility. Whether your component design is large or small, and whether you need a few or high volume production – The Applied Vacuum Division can deliver!

Our machinists have extensive experience fabricating components using a variety of metals:

  • 300 series Stainless Steels (primarily 304 and 316)
  • Mu-metal
  • Aluminum and Titanium
  • OFHC Copper
  • Nitronics, Inconel, Hastelloy and other specialty alloys
  • Molybdenum, Niobium, and other refractory metals

We offer CMM inspection so you can be sure that your components meet print.

5-Axis Water Jet

TIG Welding, Automated Set-Up

CNC Horizontal Mill

Vacuum Grade Materials

Applied Vacuum Division has extensive experience fabricating vacuum chambers and components using a variety of metals:

We will consider any material necessary for your requirements, and maintain complete material traceability from the mill to the finished product. Material Certifications are available for all jobs. The Applied Vacuum Division can verify alloy compositions with our PMI (Positive Material Indicator) as needed.

316LN-ESR Stainless Steel is produced using an electro-slag refinement process, and offers improved purity, homogeneity and corrosion resistance compared to typical 304/316 stainless steels.

Applied Vacuum Division stocks 316LN-ESR bar material, as well as standard CF flanges to 6 inch diameter. We can provide larger CF sizes, other flange types, or custom components by request. Flanges and components produced from 316LN-ESR grade material have superior mechanical properties compared to typical 304 and 316 grades flanges:

Mu-metal is a nickel-iron alloy (77 % Ni, 15 % Fe, plus Cu and Mo) with extremely high magnetic permeability at low field strengths, and is an excellent material option for effective magnetic shielding. Stray magnetic fields can be an issue in certain vacuum systems, such as electron spectroscopy. Mu-Metal as an ideal material option for these applications.

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Anderson Dahlen is able to engineer and manufacture most assemblies with very high quality at very competitive costs.

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