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Gray is a fully integrated global service provider specializing in engineering, procurement, manufacturing, and construction (EPMC™️), services for domestic and international customers across these core markets: Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Automotive, Distribution, Mission Critical, and Commercial.

Founded in 1960, Gray has grown to encompass an integrated family of brands designed to complement each other’s specialized capabilities. Our robust offering enables us to create one-of-kind solutions at the highest levels of customization, delivering precision and partnership to some of the world’s most sophisticated organizations.

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Gray’s Robost Capabilities

Gray’s specialty equipment manufacturing companies, Anderson Dahlen Inc. and AD Process Equipment, have the expertise to meet your custom equipment needs, whether you’re beginning a new operation or updating existing processes.

Specializing in design-build systems and contract manufacturing, Anderson Dahlen provide world-class alloy fabrication and equipment manufacturing services including cutting, forming, machining, welding, and metal finishing.

With system design and process integration at the forefront, AD Process Equipment specializes in equipment integration, process skids, control panels, and sanitary platforms – ensuring customers’ processing and material handling needs will be answered efficiently.

For digital automation and process integration, Gray Solutions helps customers implement smart manufacturing initiatives in creative, optimized ways – enhancing manufacturing environments to address industry disruptions and challenges.

Tailored to meet the unique needs of our Food & Beverage customers, InLine Engineers provides engineering and project management services – specializing in applications from baking and frozen foods to meat processing and distilled spirits.

Bringing Your Vision to Life with EPMC™️

Combined capabilities within the Gray family of brands position us at the forefront of Food & Beverage. As a founder of design-build, Gray’s history led us to a unique approach to better serve our customers: EPMC™️ – engineer; procure; manufacture; construct. Adding manufacturing as an in-line part of the process necessitates earlier conversations with the equipment manufacturer, meaning that quality and performance expectations and timelines for equipment are laid out before any construction begins.

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