Vacuum Science

Vacuum Products for Advanced Research and Manufacturing

Custom-Built Chambers

From industrial to extreme high vacuum (XHV) products, Anderson Dahlen’s engineering and manufacturing capabilities produce the ideal solutions to meet your needs. We offer a wide range of custom-built solutions, such as flanges and components, custom vacuum systems, custom high vacuum chambers, XHV chambers, and UHV chambers.

Custom Vacuum Assemblies

No matter the complexity of your project, Anderson Dahlen provides the manufacturing expertise to effectively integrate equipment. We produce all chambers and supports in-house, giving us control over design, quality, and fit. This way you receive the best value and performance for your equipment.

Critical Components

Flanges and components are critical to any high vacuum (HV) or ultra-high vacuum (UHV) system. Standard components are convenient but only sometimes the optimal solution. When standard parts are insufficient, Anderson Dahlen has the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to produce the ideal product to meet your requirements.

Solutions for Advanced Research and Manufacturing

Quality Assurance

You deserve only the highest quality products, which is why Anderson Dahlen ensures our team has the proper certifications. Some of our key certifications include:

The Anderson Dahlen Difference

When you partner with Anderson Dahlen for your upcoming projects, expect only the highest quality.

Engineering and Design Support

We take your requirements from initial concepts to fully engineered designs to ready-for-use products. Our SOLIDWORKS 3D design and advanced analysis software enables expert review of critical tolerances, port alignment, weld stresses, and more.

Integrated Cooling Options

For vacuum systems involving processes with significant thermal output, we provide integrated cooling options such as welded channels, thermal dimple jackets, or double-wall designs.

Rated for Vacuum, Pressure, and Cryogenics

Our engineering groups assist you with design considerations to meet safety and mechanical concerns, including ratings for ASME/PED pressure and cryogenic requirements.

Critically Cleaned, Tested, and Inspected

To ensure the utmost quality, all welded assemblies are 100% helium leak tested. In addition, we have Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) to review critical weld joints. Finally, the final dimensional inspection utilizes our Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).