Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication for Industrial Markets

Anderson Dahlen partners with companies to provide industrial equipment that meet high standards. We take pride in having the ability to achieve a high polish, tight tolerances, and supply material and alloy purity that our industrial customers desire.

Our experience ranges from mixing and blending applications, ASME vessels, conveying, reactors, refining, and separating of wet or dry materials. We also have experience in components and assemblies for nuclear reactors. With in-house engineering and stainless steel fabrication services, our turnkey offerings for custom parts and equipment will meet your critical application needs.

We take quality seriously. Our project managers and certified welders ensure every detail of your project is engineered, fabricated, documented, and inspected to regulation. Weld procedures, surface finish criticality, tight tolerances, and post-weld features are all important aspects to our projects. Our process prevents corrosivity and contamination, avoiding rust or oxidization concerns.