Trusted by major OEMs to provide quality assemblies: from simple to complex that require additional MTR, documentation and quality. Delivering bullet-proof equipment for your value-add technology and intellectual property that keeps product moving and customers satisfied.

custom manufactured assemblies for OEMs

A Partnering Approach: Improved Performance, Less Material Use/Waste & More Manufacturable

By choosing Anderson Dahlen, you get a team of project managers and engineers experienced in producing similar stainless steel assemblies that understand your unique industry and challenges. Having a core understanding of the materials and manufacturing capabilities, our engineers can improve designs and functionality that reduce costs and speed up deliverability for YOU.

custom assemblies custom engineered

Industry & Specialized Materials Expertise

With over 200 welding procedures that are certified to the ASME or AWS welding codes using Aluminum, Carbon Steels, Stainless Steels, Nickel Alloys, Duplex Stainless steels, and other Dissimilar metals that are maintained by our seven CWIs on staff, Anderson can handle your most complex projects.

Working with some of the largest OEMs and companies from a wide range of industry’s gives us the regulatory knowledge to get parts right the first time. From FDA and FDA Dairy to nuclear power restrictions, you get the finishes, documentation and traceability your project requires.

Pharmaceutical Industrial Food Processing Vacuum

Complete Capabilities to Deliver Your Components

Advanced In-House Engineering

8 degreed engineers and 11 CAD experts have the ability to save money and materials in making your parts manufacturable.

Compliance for Your Industry

Industry know-how and advanced documenation procedures and processes ensure compliance without the headache, and knowing it’s done right the first time.

Advanced Machining & Welding

State of the art facility with our new Toshiba BP-150.R35 says it all (236″ x 138″ x 87″ milling capabilities). Cut production costs and improve quality by keeping all capabilities under one roof.

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Anderson Dahlen is an ISO-9001:2015 certified company that custom manufactures advanced equipment & solutions to make organizations deliver better products, faster.