Anderson Dahlen Wins Ramsey 2019 Business of the Year Award

Anderson Dahlen is proud to announce that is the recipient of the 2019 Business of the Year Award from the City of Ramsey and the Ramsey Economic Development Authority (EDA). This award is based on four criteria: 1. Length of tenure 2. Number of employees 3. Community involvement 4. Uniqueness Anderson Dahlen was a strong […]

Overcoming Low Inlet Pressure to Pumps

Twin screw technology provides solution, reduces contamination risk. Applications with evaporation, deaeration or other low inlet pressure situations can cause pumps to lose their production efficiency and cause damaging cavitation. The problem is amplified for high viscosity products, as the flow to the pump inlet is more restricted from the increase in frictional pressure loss. […]

Is Your Pump Still Compliant?

Maintaining 3-A Compliance Did you know that altering or repairing SPX FLOW pumps in the field using non-genuine OEM parts may not only void their warranty*, but may also alter their 3-A and EHEDG certification status? All components used within SPX FLOW high-performance pumps are precisely engineered and tested so that customers can realize maximum […]